Zandra Rhodes Photography

Dame Zandra Rhodes, famous for her fashion. A trend setter and designer for the rich and famous. She opened the London Fashion and Textile Musuem. IKEA is a client of mine as I was asked to go photograph the Dame Zandra in her home, the penthouse above the museum. What a pad! So creative and ‘out there’. A marvell. On entering she greated us with open arms. Such a lovely lady. Zandra once designed dresses for Princess Diana and stage outfits for Freddie Mercury. She has a wonderful way of reliving her experiences and has many stories to tell. It was my task to photograph Zandra Rhodes in her London home with IKEA as they are running a collaboration with her in the summer. So be on the look out for some crazy designs to brighten your homes with. She’s a big fan of the Swedish brand, and is an avid space saver. Dame Zandra Rhodes, 78, is one of Britain’s most sought-after fashion designers, also she is a teacher at Medway College of Art, now the University for the Creative Arts. Born in Chatham, Kent a young Zandra was introduced to the world of fashion by her mother, who […]

London Portrait Photography

London Portrait Photography can sometimes be a little staged or even a little familiar. In that people seem to be replicating portrait styles. Ok I understand everything has been done before. That’s to be expected I guess. However, the difference is that each time I capture a portrait I like to extract a little something special from each person. Something in my photography shows ‘a little bit of them’. A little insight into the character of the person. Whether it’s their ambitions, intrests, or just something they are passionate about. This London Portrait Photographic session took place over 2 days. Located at London Bridge, right next to the River Thames. Nestled within a community of businesses. Creating a hub of exciting electricity. Somewhere that people can let themselves get into their work. Add a little something different. Which is why it was really important to capture their personalities and get that spark to show what they are all about. Black and white photography is a real love of mine. Monochromatic imagery, to me, shows character. If captured correctly it really gives the viewer more infomation than a paragraph of blurb. My brief was loose. Loose enough for me to have […]

Germans Ermičs creates Rainbow glass cabin for Instagram at Cannes Lions 2019

Latvian artist Germans Ermičs has creates a Rainbow glass cabin for Instagram bringing social network’s colourful gradient to life. The glass cabin is a collaboration between the two at this years Cannes Lions 2019 festival of creativity.   Reconstructed in Cannes on the beach outside the Majestic Hotel, the 50sqm structure marks the first time ermičs has worked at this scale. The designer is known for his work with colored glass which uses a similar gradient style with strong pigments that fade to clear. Creating furniture, tables, plinths, tanks and mirrors from the same mediums. ‘Where the Rainbow Ends’ – (the title of the work) – Ermičs has replicated this gradient effect with 360-degree perspective, allowing visitors to travel to the ‘End of the Rainbow’. Inside the cabin you can find light effects by london based urban electric project rainbows bouncing around the room. Spectrums of reflected lights beam onto the walls and floors., hosting a white table at its center. The designer’s ombre glass chair sits tucked into the far corner. The lights move to the track of french production duo domenique dumont. When questioning Ermičs regarding the commission, the idea was to inject the Amsterdam based artist signature […]

Food photography in London

This is a special one, something close to my heart…FOOD! So over the years of being a professional advertising photographer, my favourite area of photography has developed into photographing Food. Food photography in London is quite popular, not just in social media, (there’s a lot of people with phones these days snapping their meals in fancy restaurants), but every restaurant I know has some form of photography on their websites as a ‘shop front’ to advertise the delights of their premises. With a saturated market in the captial it’s imperitave now to enhance the look and make your culenary delights that little bit more appealing. To stand out from the crowd, to encourage punters through the door. Therefore it makes sense to hire a professional food photographer to come by and give your dishes an extra bit of sparkle! As a professional food photographer, my imagery had been noticed by one of the great chefs of our time. In fact he holds the record for being the youngest chef to attain 2 Michelin stars, (at the age of 26), we are of course talking about the great, Tom Aikens. After working in many Michelin starred restaurants, he now runs 3 […]

Chocolate photography Surrey

BIG NEWS!! Chocolate photography in Surrey happened this week. Oh what a joy it was too, surely there’s no end to the amount you can eat right?! Well let me tell you, NO there isn’t. I’ve a sweet tooth so I’ve been told and this was a dream. Matt’s team at CocoAleur in Newdigate Surrey requested my presence at their kitchen outlet. I arrived with all the kit I needed, and got straight down to business, chocolate tasting! WOW. The product actually tastes as good as it looks, Chocolate photography in Surrey is now one of my favourite parts of my job. These little dome capsules of joy burst in your mouth and have fresh ingredients, like cherries, Raspberries, fudge, Honeycomb, peanut, the list goes on and on. All made with Cocoa butter and no nasty’s like Palm Oil. So the taste is delicious, the ingredients are the best and the product look amazing, there’s nothing not to like. Which also made my job a lot easier. There were some difficulties along the way, the chocolate would melt if I had the modelling bulbs on, so they were off the entire shoot. The domes were highly reflective and so this […]

Travel photography Europe whilst commissioned away from home

Whilst on my travels in June I managed to go to some beautiful places in Europe. I love to documenting on my travels, to create memories of where I’ve been. I work so quickly it’s easy to miss the beautiful bits. Travel photography Europe. During my Cannes tour, I managed to get out and do some street photography. I won’t mention this was amounst sourcing restaurants in the evening, with my phone of all things!   Obviously I love to upwork my imagery afterwards in Photoshop, so these might not be the very original copies 😉   Both May and June I’ve travelled to Berlin, Germany to capture events for Facebook, but the last photographic commission was to document a telecommunications summit, regarding upcoming technology. Won’t go into details 😉 I was there for the day, flew out the night before to a dark east soide Berlin. On my own, roaming the streets trying to find my hotel. There’s a lot of building work going on in the east side of Berlin at the moment, so lots of scaffolding up, not being able to see the hotel signs.   I must have got to the hotel around 10pm, dumped my […]

London Food Photography

June also lent itself to me becoming a new resident photographer for a certain well-known London restaurant chain, which I can’t mention at present as the images you see below are for a Burger competition and aren’t allowed to be tagged. But I do have permission to show them! I love London Food Photography.   The lighting technique was a couple of backlights, another on the background, a mega brolly to create daylight effect and a beaut dish to fill.   Have a look at these beasts, they were massive!  

Cannes Lions Facebook Photographer 2018

With May gone and the trip to Berlin now in the distance, June was looking to be a busy month. Cannes Lions Festival is held in June and Facebook were planning on making their presence felt. Cannes Lions is a marketing and communications festival with all the big corporations attending. I was going to be Cannes Lions Facebook Photographer 2018! I was attending for 10 days photographing on behalf of Facebook. This was going to be epic. I was Facebook’s official photographer. What a priviledge!! There were 17 crew, with myself being the only stills photographer alongside 16 other video production members. We had a whopping villa booked to house us all for the week, a swimming pool with BBQ, indoor games room, piano and games consoles. Personally I was excited to be there but I didn’t realise really how busy I was going to be and have no time to really enjoy this wonderful venue.   The first 2 or 3 days were spent documenting the set build and getting a feel for the vast town. Security was so tight! With flash cars, and the biggest yachts you’ll ever see moored up next to the Palais. Facebook had their […]

Professional headshots

People like to deal with people, that’s a given. This is why professional headshots are vital. The fact is that we like to see the very best in people. Nobody likes a bad headshot do they?! I personally hate having my photograph taken, perhaps thats why I try to ensure every person I ever photograph feel as relaxed as possible. Maybe that’s also why I feel so uncomfortabe in front of the camera… that the photographer doesn’t have the ability to relax me?! This is why I always get the best out of people when they are photographed, the key is to get the sitters guard down, to relax them, to exude the very essence of their characteristics. This was especially present in this recent commison. The client on this occasion was a creative agency in Reigate, Surrey. A regular client of mine who were working on their own website. They needed a refresh of their staff portraits, and professional headshots. I loved photographing them. Making them laugh and feel relaxed enough to do silly things. I think it works really well. A creative approach to a traditionally ‘standard’ method. A portrait doesn’t have to be the same as everyone […]

Balcombe Place Sussex

Barney Warner Photography were asked to attend a styled photo shoot one afternoon at the currently renovating Balcombe Place Sussex, on the Balcombe Estate. It was to produce a showcase of a specific room of Balcombe Place. This was extra special as the following contribultors were present working buckets of magic within their specific industries. @inspiredbysusieevans brought the planning and collaboration along with ideas and creative direction. brought some truely beautiful flower arrangements for the table centre pieces. were present with their amazing room hire furniture and table linen. produced some absolutley amazing food that was all hand created and form to showcase really what is possible for your ultimate event hunger issues. Balcombe Place Sussex is such a beautiful building, constructed back in the 1800s, now currently being renovated into a luxury venue perfect for those BIG celebrations. Speaking BIG, the entrance door has to be the largest, heavest door I’ve ever opened. There are many rooms, the entrance hall has a hugh fireplace, but the room in particular that we were working in was ‘The Music Room’, which houses a very old Music Organ, currently not in use but it certainly adds to the very grand feel you […]