Highley Manor Wedding with Lucy and Russell

Another longly anticipated wedding yesterday at Highley Manor with Lucy and Russell. What an Amazing day! https://www.highleymanor.co.uk The weather was looking great, warm and slightly overcast. Perfect for wedding photography. I arrived at Highley Manor to cover ceremony to wedding breakfast. The guests were arriving and getting drinks. The groomsmen were dashing around making sure guests were kept topped up. You could feel the build up and excitment growing the closer it got to the big event. After popping up to see Russell I captured a few mingling shots and social coverage. Laughter and smiles filled the room. Russell had a few minutes spare so we did a few shots of him with the groomsmen. Bobby was the ring bearer, so again  a few shots with him. He was looking very dapper with his suit to match the men, and his little white Nike trainers. Cool kid!   Everyone made their way to the seats. Russell stood at the front nervously waiting for his bride. Lucy made her way from the bridal preparation room. She had a beautiful white dress, along with some stunning shoes. She limped in a little and found that she had a large stone stuck. Abbey […]

Eleanor & Ash Highley Manor Wedding

This features wedding was a special one, Eleanor & Ash tied the knot at Highley Manor in Sussex. I’ve known the couple for many years. Ash is a long time friend and I knew him growing up. He’s married someone amazing too, Eleanor is one of those girls who has an abundance of happy energy and is a blast to be around. They really do bounce off each other, what a fab couple. Highley Manor has been through some changes of recent. It’s quite the venue now. With it’s airy spacious cottage for Brides to get prepaired, through to the beautiful grand entrance and banqueting hall. The couple decided on some quite amazing decoration to compliment this. Eleanor was so excited whilst getting ready. Her bridesmaids had everything under control. Waiting for me were the hanging dress, flowers, jewellery and wedding shoes. Snap snap snap and I moved onto the applications of hair and make up. Followed was the dress and voila, Eleanor was transformed into a princess. The boys arrived and I captured some final preps for them. Button holes were popped on and Ash stood at the front of the isle nervously waiting. With many guests and family […]

New Year Wedding at The Barn

This was my first wedding of 2022, which took place @TheBarn. An award winning venue, it was very beautiful. Set in the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells, with it’s own little private courtyard. It was touch and go for some time throughout the Christmas period leading up to new year. Abby & Stu were on tender hooks, as the Prime Minister laid out the restrictions for large group gatherings and what would be allowed regarding the pandemic. With the new Covid variant nobody could predict the new year. I think it’s fair to say, not even Omnicom couldn’t stop them! So the day began a little damp and the theme was set for the day so it seemed, with light drizzle forcast for the entire day. Hey, it’s January after all, and the UK is always a little unpredicable for it’s weather. This wasn’t going to slow these two down. Stu and the groomsman waited at the venue for Abby’s arrival. She was going to keep the groom waiting! Best things come to those who wait Stu. I’ve known the groom for a number of years, we worked together as students at a local hotel, he’s one of those chaps […]

Long Furlong Barn Wedding Photography

Long Furlong Wedding Photography, West Sussex Wedding Photographer, Sussex Photographer, that’s the topic of today’s post. Yep a bit of a mouthful! I recently was asked to cover a wedding for a neighbour of mine. He’s become more of a friend of recent. He’s a bloody good bloke. Barney Warner Photography covered this wedding today not just still wedding photography but wedding video as well. We’ll come back to that in future posts so keep your eyes peeled! http://longfurlongbarn.co.uk/ Daniel and Karen had their fantasic wedding here at Long Furlong Barn in Worthing West Sussex. Not my first time shooting here. I did a wedding video there not so long ago too. Fab place. The entire day was held here, from bridal preps with Karen, through to first dance, the whole day. Starting off with Karen, she was very calm, which is a good start. Karen is a bag of laughs. She’s chilled yet has her eye on everything. I guess thats the EPA in her coming through! She had everyone know what their duties were without being bossy. The kids were running around having fun and the hair & makeup being applied. This was a good point for a […]

Protected: Evren’s Suprise 40th Birthday

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Cannes Lions Facebook Photographer 2018

With May gone and the trip to Berlin now in the distance, June was looking to be a busy month. Cannes Lions Festival is held in June and Facebook were planning on making their presence felt. Cannes Lions is a marketing and communications festival with all the big corporations attending. I was going to be Cannes Lions Facebook Photographer 2018! I was attending for 10 days photographing on behalf of Facebook. This was going to be epic. I was Facebook’s official photographer. What a priviledge!! There were 17 crew, with myself being the only stills photographer alongside 16 other video production members. We had a whopping villa booked to house us all for the week, a swimming pool with BBQ, indoor games room, piano and games consoles. Personally I was excited to be there but I didn’t realise really how busy I was going to be and have no time to really enjoy this wonderful venue.   The first 2 or 3 days were spent documenting the set build and getting a feel for the vast town. Security was so tight! With flash cars, and the biggest yachts you’ll ever see moored up next to the Palais. Facebook had their […]

360 spin Photography

360 spin Photography it’s nothing new… With e-Commerce forever growing! Retailers are always looking to improve and create new ways to view products. For the potential buyer it really gets them excited. As I say, 360 spin Photography is not new. However there are now further advances and better ways of these working. Barney Warner Photography is now offering exsisting clients and new clients fully interactive 360 product spin photography. Upload these straight to your website for the wow factor. Below is just a test. For me to show you the potential and this really is just a rough draft. I’ll update this with another newer version. A more polished look. Have a play with the examples. Scale it up using the arrows. You can spin and pause it at your own pace. Seeing more detail and focus on exciting parts of the product. Product photography historically used to be shown as just a flat artwork. Then came photography. Again 2D. The e-Commerce world wanted something a bit more engaging. So 360 spins were created. To allow the user a better experience. To entice to buy. There are even further advances with 3D spins. But we’ll come onto this further […]

New photographic equipment (Like Xmas came early!)

Days like these! Ordering new photographic equipment and waiting for the delivery is the best part, so geeky! Things that help save time is always a great thing, especially when we can save clients money too, Bowens are quite innovative in this instance. Studio lighting can be cumbersome, with cables running everywhere… it’s a bit of a nightmare. Photographers seem to use speedlites more and more these days off camera, they have great versatility (we too employ this method) but you do compromise on quality. There’s no getting round that. Speedlites are so harsh, without slapping on a massive softbox or another modifier and killing all the power whilst doing so, it’s impossible to get a flattering look sometimes. They are great for a hard edgy feel but that’s not what some clients are after and it’s good to be able to cater for all needs. You can get to new places with them and not have to worry about trailing cables. BUT…. there’s lot’s of alternatives, studio style lighting that now offer location flash with batteries. Getting that amazing studio quality out on location is just amazing. The only downfall to this is the cost. They are big money! […]

Press and PR event in Reigate

Vision Express held a Press and PR event in Reigate for their store re launch. The day had a special guest, Kate, who is a survivour of Retinoblastoma, (eye cancer). Kate cut the ribbon for the offical opening alongside her mother Jaisamma, the store manager and various other members of staff. It was a bright and very hot day so we kept the shooting outside short and sweet. We were all releived to go into the airconditioned store afterwards and relax a little. When doing these sort of photographic assignments, I sometimes have to put myself in the ‘line of fire’. This was one of those occasions, I simply had to get in the road for that low down wide angle shot to encompass the store front and the people in the shot. I don’t mind doing these sort of things, but I know other photographers that wouldn’t! Reigate is a lovely little town with plenty of boutique shops and individual restuarants. It’s quite an affluent town and has plenty of character. It’s steeped in history, with the old fort on the hill ruins still standing. It also has some secret caves that are open to the public from time […]

Horsham Wedding photography & Hartsfield Manor

It was an overcast morning but dry… this was Horsham Wedding photography after all, we’re not in the Med, but specifically St John’s Church in Horsham. Lovely church built in 1928 apparently. Hadn’t ever been in there before. Anyway, the groom was soo nervous! It’s expected at such a massive occasion. (I was too on my wedding day). The bride arrived with her dad and they got stuck in. The vowels went without a hitch and before they knew it the rings were on and off they skipped back down the isle. With a few group shots outside with the car waiting, (which had a bubble machine built into the rear of the car) AMAZING!! Next stop was Hartsfield Manor in Betchworth. Been there plenty of times photographing weddings, so I knew the drill. It was however starting to rain. Wedding photographers worst nightmare!! But I had with me my new trusty 5Dm4 which is weather proof, the bride and groom were amazingly relaxed about the rain and for that we managed to grab some beautiful moments between them. Not even the rain could stop these two!! Take a look!   Although a Crawley based photographer, I don’t mind being refered […]