New photographic equipment (Like Xmas came early!)

Days like these! Ordering new photographic equipment and waiting for the delivery is the best part, so geeky!

Things that help save time is always a great thing, especially when we can save clients money too, Bowens are quite innovative in this instance.

Studio lighting can be cumbersome, with cables running everywhere… it’s a bit of a nightmare.

Photographers seem to use speedlites more and more these days off camera, they have great versatility (we too employ this method) but you do compromise on quality. There’s no getting round that. Speedlites are so harsh, without slapping on a massive softbox or another modifier and killing all the power whilst doing so, it’s impossible to get a flattering look sometimes. They are great for a hard edgy feel but that’s not what some clients are after and it’s good to be able to cater for all needs.

You can get to new places with them and not have to worry about trailing cables.

BUT…. there’s lot’s of alternatives, studio style lighting that now offer location flash with batteries. Getting that amazing studio quality out on location is just amazing. The only downfall to this is the cost. They are big money!

With the unfortunate administration of Bowens does mean that some suppliers are looking to get rid of stock at cheaper prices. After searching around for months to upgrade our current (amazing) Elinchrom studio lights, they are great and have a large mobile battery pack that enables us to get out and about to photograph in all types of locations.

Places like old disused factories for clothing photography, or portraits around offices for large corporate businesses. That’s all very well, but there are restrictions.

Now with this new tech we’ve complete versatility and it all packs down and is compact saving space too. It’s a win win situation.

These Bowens XMT500 photographic lamps are simply gorgeous, in their apperance, their power range and their usability. Photography is always an expensive occupation and hobby for others but you’ve sometimes got to bite the bullet.

In 2017 Barney Warner Photography invested heavily in upgrading it’s photography equipment, from the best cameras out, video and now photographic lighting.

Still with a large range of additional lighting from studio lamps, continous lamps and speedlites we’ve got all bases covered.

With all this great equipment it’s exciting to see the results and looking forward to the next shoot. But here’s a little example of what just 2 lights can achive, no retouching on the product just a little background magic 😉

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