The New…. Mr & Mrs Chandler!!

Wow what a day! So today we started at St Margret’s Church in Ifield Crawley, where at first the sun was out and everyone enjoying a swift half in the Plough before heading into the church for the ceremony. Next thing there’s Thunder and pouring rain. Anyway once the service was done the new husband and wife headed to Redeham Hall in Smallfield in their very lovely Rolls. Swiftly followed by the hundreds of guests.
& a soaked photographer…

What a venue, Stacey had gone all out on the decoration. There were teepees with picnic benches, hog roast, ice cream vans, hay bails, pizza vans toys and games for the kids, the list goes on.

The couple were so sweet and both looked amazing. Stacey works at White Dresses and Tiara’s so the dress as predicted was stunning. All the brides maids were gorgeous and the little page boys too.

The sun came out and we stole a few minutes to go and create some magic in the grounds.What beautiful grounds they were too, long winding drive, fields, beautiful gardens with old walls and gates, a photographers dream.
Stacey’s done modeling in the past so to work with her was amazing and Nigel followed the lead.
He’s dead funny with a great sense of humour. The speaches were great and especially Nigels.

Here’s an image that I’m proud to share with you.

Please welcome the new Mr & Mrs Chandler!

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

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