Social Media Photography

With social media now booming and being greater than ever, it’s really important your social media photography is on point. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook being just a few of the platforms. That’s why at Barney Warner Photography, we take the very best care. We ensure that when capturing your portrait it really brings out the best in your character and personality. Which is penultimately what sells… You. Social networking is the one thing that we can all excel at. You don’t need a degree in socialising, just be yourself. This is why the industry is so popular. Therefore Barney Warner Photography offer a package now that helps express yourself and really makes the most of your social profile. With our professional photographic service we push you, to extract your best look, your best reflection, your best profile picture. But of course this doesn’t mean the look is unprofessional. The package ensures not only do we capture you in your working environment (where possible), but also as a business profile too. To capture both helps get the serious business ethic across to your viewer, it also ensures you are seen in your natural environment, where you are most comfortable. This is […]

New photographic equipment (Like Xmas came early!)

Days like these! Ordering new photographic equipment and waiting for the delivery is the best part, so geeky! Things that help save time is always a great thing, especially when we can save clients money too, Bowens are quite innovative in this instance. Studio lighting can be cumbersome, with cables running everywhere… it’s a bit of a nightmare. Photographers seem to use speedlites more and more these days off camera, they have great versatility (we too employ this method) but you do compromise on quality. There’s no getting round that. Speedlites are so harsh, without slapping on a massive softbox or another modifier and killing all the power whilst doing so, it’s impossible to get a flattering look sometimes. They are great for a hard edgy feel but that’s not what some clients are after and it’s good to be able to cater for all needs. You can get to new places with them and not have to worry about trailing cables. BUT…. there’s lot’s of alternatives, studio style lighting that now offer location flash with batteries. Getting that amazing studio quality out on location is just amazing. The only downfall to this is the cost. They are big money! […]

County Mall PR photographer Crawley

Today’s main event took place at Crawley’s County Mall, where there was a big unveiling of the newest changing facility for people with disabilities. I was employed to cover the event by a PR agent for the project. Which included a state of the art hoist for people with problems climbing onto changing beds, an electronic bed and an electronic basin which all rise and fall to suit the user. It’s so often taken for granted when using public amenities. I think we all tend to over look the facts that standard conveniences give less abled people less opportunities and ease of use. I never would have imagined how important it actually is that a changing bed would need to rise and fall, the basin too. But with a little imagination it’s easy to see why. People simply rush about thier normal lives not giving these daily musts a second thought. But for a disabled person these day to day duties are the most important part of the day. Knowing or not knowing is a reson for going out or staying in. As I arrived, many local celebs, Chris Oxslade, (used to run the local radio station, now a media […]

Horsham Wedding photography & Hartsfield Manor

It was an overcast morning but dry… this was Horsham Wedding photography after all, we’re not in the Med, but specifically St John’s Church in Horsham. Lovely church built in 1928 apparently. Hadn’t ever been in there before. Anyway, the groom was soo nervous! It’s expected at such a massive occasion. (I was too on my wedding day). The bride arrived with her dad and they got stuck in. The vowels went without a hitch and before they knew it the rings were on and off they skipped back down the isle. With a few group shots outside with the car waiting, (which had a bubble machine built into the rear of the car) AMAZING!! Next stop was Hartsfield Manor in Betchworth. Been there plenty of times photographing weddings, so I knew the drill. It was however starting to rain. Wedding photographers worst nightmare!! But I had with me my new trusty 5Dm4 which is weather proof, the bride and groom were amazingly relaxed about the rain and for that we managed to grab some beautiful moments between them. Not even the rain could stop these two!! Take a look!   Although a Crawley based photographer, I don’t mind being refered […]

Commercial Photography Crawley

Today’s shoot was for a new client, they are a PR rep for a really great company called   The company help provide disabled people to use public facilites with ease. So not your typical shoot, but then all my work is so varied. This is why I love what I do! (Variety is the spice of life apparently lol).   Thinking like a wheelchair user I could not imagine how difficult it must be not knowing if there would be any public restrooms that could cater for wheelchair access on a day out. Having to ‘hold it in’ is a horrible feeling, but invisage doing that on a daily basis I think it would be a nightmare!! Well Closo-Mat help overcome this by providing new tech to enable wheelchair users access these taken for granted ‘daily musts’. Today it was my task to go capture the restroom and its surroundings to show the local area and its location within, to accompany the photography of the new tech. Tilgate Lakes and the Nature Centre are a family favourite, my twin children simply love coming to this venue, to visit animals, to walk around the lakes, to sit and enjoy […]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Professional Photographer

The most crucial and fundamental aspect of any business, no matter how small, is marketing. Ultimately, you have a product or service that you want to sell. Good marketing involves making your business visible: getting out there and increasing your brand awareness, while using methods to make you stand out above the competition. That’s why using the right images to promote your brand and sell your products is essential. Professional photographs grab attention, display your company and your brand in the best possible way and boost your credibility. You may have the best business idea ever and offer amazing products and services. But if they aren’t marketed effectively, your business will suffer and ultimately, fail. So before you start snapping away with your smartphone, consider these 5 good reasons why your business needs a professional photographer. 1. Your Website Every business should have a website. It’s the first place prospective customers will go to. You will be judged by your content so the first impressions need to be positive. Written content is important, but the eyes are immediately drawn to images. That’s why they need to be professional and relevant. 2. Quality An amateur photo screams “unprofessional”. Images should help, […]

Wedding Photographer Crawley Services

Advantages Of A Christmas Wedding Although spring and summer are the busiest wedding seasons, Christmas can also be the perfect time for a truly romantic and festive wedding. Yet many couples are put off by the idea of a Christmas wedding: they worry about finding a good venue in such a busy period, that friends and family may have other commitments, or that their special day will be overshadowed by Christmas festivities. The truth is that there are many advantages to a Christmas wedding that many couples haven’t considered. Here are just a few of them: The Perfect Theme Organising a wedding, should be fun, yet many brides find it stressful. From choosing the right colour scheme and co-ordinating decorations, flowers and bridesmaid dresses accordingly can be a real headache. Christmas gives you a perfect, ready-made theme. Festive colours such as red, green, gold, white and silver are ideal for a Christmas wedding. Decorations It won’t be difficult finding decorations for your venue. Think berries, snow-sprayed twigs, holly, pine cones and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for table centres. Christmas trees can be decorated to match your chosen colour scheme and it will be far easier to find festive flower […]

Introducing Amber Bayliss

May we present to you baby Amber Bayliss, an absolute treasure to photograph, she slept a little too whilst with us 🙂

Modelling images by Barney Warner (Contains some nudity).

Why not have a few professional images taken of yourself or you and some friends. Be a model for the day and cherish the images for a life time. You can look back and say, 'Yeah that was me!'. Contact me for more info.