Photographing Weddings at Ghyll Manor

Photographing Weddings at Ghyll Manor with Claire and Dean to show their big day wedding highlights.

Slideshow created as a gift to the couple after their big day as a thank you for choosing Barney Warner Photography to be the offical wedding photographers.

The wedding was entirely at Ghyll Manor in Rusper, West Sussex.


Barney’s known Dean since a child, his brother was good mates with Dean back at school, so he was really happy to see the family. Claire was also at school with Barney, so straight away everyone was put at ease. Laughter and fun was in such abundance throughout the day and the atmosphere was so easy going. So Photographing Weddings at Ghyll Manor, especially with Claire and Dean was a real pleasure.

Claire got ready in the Ghyll Cottage, ajoined to the Manor. There’s lot’s of space and comfortable furnishings. It’s really old so the ceilings are quite low with beautiful wooden beams running through them.

Dean was not aware, that Claire had a little suprise for him in store. He’s a mechanic, and a fond lover of cars. So what arrived to take him through the winding countryside to the wedidng venue, was a bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo. Dean was over the moon.

Once at the venue, there were guests waiting outside to greet him and the best men.

Everyone took their seats outside and Claire walked down the isle to meet him in the gardens. The outdoor wedding summerhouse is a beautiful little house where only the immediate wedidng party can fit into along with the registras.

Everything went without hitch, and they were husband and wife before they knew it.

Canapes and champagne were served outside on the patio, whilst guests enjoyed each others company.

They sat down for food shortly after group shots and romantics.

Again further suprises, with singing waiters. Dragging guests up to dance and they had the entire room in histerics.

They even did the ‘Conger’ through the barn.

Barney left the wedding shortly after first dance, where the couple danced to a guest singing their favourite song.

It was fab being part of their big day. They’ve just had the album put together and it’s at the manufactures as we speak.

Thanks guys, have a cracking life together as husband and wife!

Ghyll Manor Website


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