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People like to deal with people, that’s a given. This is why professional headshots are vital. The fact is that we like to see the very best in people. Nobody likes a bad headshot do they?!

I personally hate having my photograph taken, perhaps thats why I try to ensure every person I ever photograph feel as relaxed as possible. Maybe that’s also why I feel so uncomfortabe in front of the camera… that the photographer doesn’t have the ability to relax me?! This is why I always get the best out of people when they are photographed, the key is to get the sitters guard down, to relax them, to exude the very essence of their characteristics. This was especially present in this recent commison.

The client on this occasion was a creative agency in Reigate, Surrey. A regular client of mine who were working on their own website. They needed a refresh of their staff portraits, and professional headshots. I loved photographing them. Making them laugh and feel relaxed enough to do silly things. I think it works really well. A creative approach to a traditionally ‘standard’ method. A portrait doesn’t have to be the same as everyone elses. That’s what makes a good portrait in my eyes, individuality. To show your character, to seperate you from the competition.

With all my Professional headshots, I supply free airbrushing, so there’s no need to feel uncomfortable, you can sit knowing all those shaving cuts will have dissapeared before you see the final result. Not only that but it’s possible to make the background anything you like it to be. Either a plain backdrop, a logo or a different colour. The choices are endless.

Websites have team photography as well as indiviual head shots. It’s great having an overal team shot on the website, it gives a better sense of the scale of the business, but also helps break the ice when photographing people at the premises.

Studio photography for professional headshots is great, personally I perfer to show the person in their working environment, giving a better sense of the industry in which they work and also the position that they hold within the business. With the shots I created for this particular company, they chose to have photography on a plain white backdrop in their office studio, with professional studio lighting. As an option we created a various colours as backdrops, that was done in postproduction afterward.

Depending on the business, we try to show different expressions. If you’d like to be approachable, then a happy look is always nice to see. If the position or industry is very formal, perhaps a more sensible approach is better. With digital photography it’s possible to do both and have even more choice.

Of course we photographed the traditional looks too, just to cover all platforms the images could be used for.

TW Creative, are a happy bunch of people and being an industry that is very face to face, we saw it possible to show a happy creative portrait instead of the standard look. To give their clients the reassurance that they have this creative, easy going nature.

To the extent we even had the employees laughing and giggling in most of the photos, that’s just how comfortable they were. It was a wonderful shoot with a great atmosphere. All joking and winding each other up. Sometimes it works to have an audience!

Here’s a link to their website


Here’s a montage of some of my favourite shots. (Remeber they were photographed on white).


Professional headshots

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