London Portrait Photography

London Portrait Photography can sometimes be a little staged or even a little familiar. In that people seem to be replicating portrait styles. Ok I understand everything has been done before. That’s to be expected I guess. However, the difference is that each time I capture a portrait I like to extract a little something special from each person. Something in my photography shows ‘a little bit of them’. A little insight into the character of the person. Whether it’s their ambitions, intrests, or just something they are passionate about. This London Portrait Photographic session took place over 2 days. Located at London Bridge, right next to the River Thames. Nestled within a community of businesses. Creating a hub of exciting electricity. Somewhere that people can let themselves get into their work. Add a little something different. Which is why it was really important to capture their personalities and get that spark to show what they are all about. Black and white photography is a real love of mine. Monochromatic imagery, to me, shows character. If captured correctly it really gives the viewer more infomation than a paragraph of blurb. My brief was loose. Loose enough for me to have […]

Website headshot photography

People like to deal with people, that’s a given. This brings a lot of importance to website headshot photography, the fact is that we like to see the very best in people. Nobody likes a bad headshot do they?! I personally hate having my photograph taken, perhaps thats why I try to ensure every person I ever photograph feel as relaxed as possible. Maybe that’s also why I feel so uncomfortabe in front of the camera… that the photographer doesn’t have the ability to relax me?! This is why I always get the best out of people when they are photographed, the key is to get the sitters guard down, to relax them, to exude the very essence of their characteristics. Sometimes my clients like to have a make up artisit present. I can understand, but with the magic of photoshop sometimes it’s just as easy to completely airbrush somebody. With all my headshots, I supply free airbrushing, so there’s no need to feel uncomfortable, you can sit knowing all those shaving cuts will have dissapeared before you see the final result. Websites have team photography as well as indiviual head shots. It’s great having an overal team shot on […]

Family Portrait Photography Crawley

Family Portrait Photography is something we all should have more of, you simply forget how quick the kids grow and before you know it they’ve left the nest. So you’ve looked around, the best photographers are so expensive, but do they always give the best results? Barney Warner Photography thrives to supply natural imagery that reflects you and your families charateristics. Whether in the studio, or out on locations it doesn’t matter. Sometimes things are a bit blank in the studio, but not just the background… Getting out and about really helps pull out those emotions and natural feel that’s great to capture and save forever. Here’s a family we recently had the pleasure to work with, they loved the images and it’s given them some fond memories, especially as the kids are shooting up now. (It’s the second time we’ve had them in the studio, we even saw the changes!). Get in touch to book your session and save those really important moments in your life.

Newborn photographer- The Warner family grows!!

My brother and his wife just recently had Twins! That’s 2 sets in our family now, crazy times, my wife and I have twins too. I had the pleasure of course of capturing their first portraits! Baby photography is notorious for being difficult, but the twins were great to work with. It’s vital you photograph babies within 14 days of their birth, this way they are nice and relaxed, and easy to move into different poses. Ok granted not all babies are text book portrait sitters, but that comes with the job unfortunately. Just recently I was photographing a baby and dad, when the baby decided to have a ‘number 2’ all down daddy’s tummy. It all happens on baby shoots trust me, but I’m used to it. I photograph lots of children and babies, it’s not my main expertise being a Sussex newborn photographer but I enjoy the love in the room. It’s beautiful to see that instant love between the baby and parent. With my professional lighting experience I manage to capture something a little different from the rest. Have a look below at the examples. .

A Brief History Of Family Portraits

Commissioning a family portrait is as popular now as it’s ever been. Some families want a one-off portrait that they can cherish forever, while others get one done every year to mark the changes in their ever growing family. However, having a family portrait done professionally, is by no means a modern experience. Family portraits have been around since the ancient civilisations. Here’s a brief look at the history of family portraits and how methods have changed throughout the ages. 16th Century Oil paintings of dynastic families were popular in the 1500s but only for the very rich and powerful. One of the most famous family portraits in history can be seen in the Haunted Gallery at Hampton Court Palace. It depicts Henry VII in a dominant and central position surrounded by his children and Jane Seymour, the mother of his only son, Edward. The actual artist is unknown, yet it’s believed that the family wouldn’t have posed together for the portrait. The children were rarely at court during the same time so the artist would have used other portraits as reference and taken sketches from memory. 19th Century The first type of commercial photography was introduced in the mid […]