Cottesmore Golf and Country Club Wedding with Zoe and Lee

A long awaited wedding took place yesterday, at Cottesmore Golf and Country Club Wedding with Zoe and Lee.


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After the Covid Pandemic restrictions finally lifted, Zoe and Lee had the opportunity to show their family and friends the love they have for each other at this beautiful venue in West Sussex. Originally, the couple had planned for their big day 2 years ago at another venue which unfortunatley now is no more. ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’, as Cottesmore provided an abundance of beauty and oppertunity for the couple to celebrate and enjoy their family and friends company.

The day kicked off with Zoe getting ready round her friend and Bridesmaid’s home adress. Laura had decorated her home with balloons, confetti, food and drinks, it was a great setting for the bridal preparations.

Melissa Lilly Sharp was the make up artist, she’s a renowned professional with an astonishing reputation. I’ve worked with Melissa before and she’s simply amazing. The ladies were in good hands!

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All was calm on my arrival, however excitement was in the air. The ladies informed me that there where tears of joy early on.

Bridal flowers were box fresh, dress was hanging, and the shoes all sparkling ready to be donned.

The beautiful flowers were created by Boulevard Florists in Crawley

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Zoe sat patiently awaiting her turn for makeup. The ladies disappeared to put on their dresses. Once the make up was finished the ladies walked out to an ecstatic bride.

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It was the Brides turn and when ready she emerged to an emotional line up of bridesmaids. It was amazing.

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Their transport arrived, a retro split screen VW Camper. This was a thing to behold. Candy apple red split tone with a cream lower and upper. Interior was in total restored condition kitted out with hamper, champagne glasses and brollies.

Cottesmore Wedding photography

I rushed off to meet with Lee and the chaps.

Cottesmore has recently gone through a revamp and is in a very modern condition. Which lends itself to wonderful photographs. Light and airy, the Groomsmen waited in anticipation for the Bride. They had been waiting for sometime as things were running over.

Cottesmore Wedding photographer 1 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 1 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 1 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 1

Lee is a lovely chap who has some great friends. The lads were very excited. They were laughing and joking keeping the grooms mind at ease. Lee had been waiting patiently with his guests.

Cottesmore Wedding photographer 2 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 3

Zoe arrived and floated down the aisle to meet with her love. The ceremony got underway.

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Followed was the signing and drinks reception. With canapes and processco, everyone was being spoilt.

Cottesmore Wedding photographer 10

However, English weather struck. The rain was coming down and I started to wonder if we’d have any time to capture outdoor photos? We had a limited window of time to do this, so we sprung into action with golf brollies and buggies we fled down to the lakes. Cottesmore Golf and Country Club Wedding photography was going to be sucessful and I was determined to ensure the couple had some lovely memories to look back on.

Cottesmore Wedding photographer 12

Faced with golfers and wet conditions, this was going to be challenging. We spent a brief time before being told that the VW Camper was planning to leave. We jumped back into the buggies and headed to the front of the Country Club.

Cottesmore Wedding photographer 15 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 16

A few snaps later with the bridal party, and we decided we had enough footage for the Camper to leave. What an amazing way to get to the wedding, it really was gorgeous.

Cottesmore Wedding photographer 17

I had briefly covered the breakfast room before heading to the lake, as I returned to the room to finish, it was full with guests. Time had caught up with us.

This was fine, I was comfortable knowing we could cover everything else after the food service.

The guests were seated. Ben, (the grooms brother) announced the newley weds. The guests all stood and the couple entered the room to a thunderous round of applause and cheers. What a fantastic feeling, the couples smiles reflected the love they felt from their nearest and dearest.

With three courses served, Pork Terrine to start, Chicken wrapped in bacon for main and cheesecake for dessert, everyone was full and ready for the evenings celebrations. But before they could do this there were three speeches.

With the father of the bride kicking it all off. The bestmen followed and the Groom to finish. There were tears of joy, jokes and laughter.

Cottesmore Wedding photographer 18 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 19 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 20 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 21 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 22

The room was being turned round whilst everyone took time for more photos and drinks.

Cottesmore Wedding photographer 26 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 27 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 28 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 29 Cottesmore Wedding photographer 30

Zoe requested to throw the bouquet, now without stealing the lime light from Laura the bridesmaid, (who was very determined to catch it). Let’s take a moment to appreciate Simon, who is the groomsman in the top right hand corner being thrust in the face with his wife Chelsea’s bouquet!

Wedding Bouquet throwing 1 Wedding Bouquet throwing 2

The DJ kicked off the night with party music and evening guests arrived to a beautifully lit wedding reception.

The Wedding cake was designed two years ago in America by an Aunty. This was no ordinary cake. Just look at this!

I’d never seen anything quite so magnificent. The whole thing travelled from the states to this very room. How amazing.

Amazing Wedding Cakes

Cutting the cake went without hitch. Followed was the first dance, as Mr and Mrs Cooper.

Bridal Dance ideas

I’ve got to say a massive thank you to the couple and all their friends and family for welcoming me, and allowing me to be a part of their celebrations.

I wish you Zoe and Lee all the very best moving forward in your married lives. Thank you

Here’s one of my favs from the day 😉

Cottesmore Wedding 11

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