Reigate Manor Wedding

Reigate Manor weddings…what can I say. A lovely manor house sitting over the road from Reigate View Point, simply amazing.

The Bridal preparations today started in Zoe’s auntie and uncles place in North Holmwood. Such a welcoming bunch and I knew this was going to be a great day of celebrations.

The bridal preps started at 11am and the heat was creeping up. I was feeling so hot already in the blazing morning sun. Although tomorrow is set to be even hotter!

Zoe and the bridesmaids looked amazing, a beautiful white dress and blue bridesmaides dresses with flower girls Chloe and Lexi and a page boy Tommy.

All went smoothly and I left the bride and family taking photos and selfies to head to the church.

I was the first there, couldn’t believe it. North Holmwood Church was a grand old place, with dimmly lit arches. I had to stay at the back, which some Priests and Vicars insist.

Cona (the groom) arrived with the guys and we got underway capturing some of the preps for the chaps. He’s 6’8″… and built. His brother Preston is similar height, and Dave the 2nd Bestman was again taller than me. But at 5’7″ that’s not difficult lol.

After the ceremony we headed to the Reigate Viewpoint to grab some quick snaps of the newley weds. Below is one of such.


With no time to waste we zoomed to the Reigate Manor where everyone was almost ready and waiting with confetti.

After a quick sweep of wedding details and more groups, the bride and groom decided they’d like to have a giant group shot. I love doing these!

I clambered up the spiral staircase to the roof, where I overhung the reception roof and bagged a lovely group shot. I always enjoy these, as I can be a bit silly to get everyones attention.

Speeaches and dinner followed. The food looked amazing. And the wedding cake, wow you’ll have to wait and see! Cake cutting and first dance followed swiftly. This was going to be a wild night, I always love a party!


Have a look at more imagery I’ve captured at the link below.


Here is the Reigate Manor website for more setails about the venue.


Congratulations to the newley weds, Mr and Mrs Jackson!!

Reigate Hill Weddings

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