Zandra Rhodes Photography

Dame Zandra Rhodes, famous for her fashion. A trend setter and designer for the rich and famous. She opened the London Fashion and Textile Musuem. IKEA is a client of mine as I was asked to go photograph the Dame Zandra in her home, the penthouse above the museum. What a pad! So creative and ‘out there’. A marvell. On entering she greated us with open arms. Such a lovely lady. Zandra once designed dresses for Princess Diana and stage outfits for Freddie Mercury. She has a wonderful way of reliving her experiences and has many stories to tell. It was my task to photograph Zandra Rhodes in her London home with IKEA as they are running a collaboration with her in the summer. So be on the look out for some crazy designs to brighten your homes with. She’s a big fan of the Swedish brand, and is an avid space saver. Dame Zandra Rhodes, 78, is one of Britain’s most sought-after fashion designers, also she is a teacher at Medway College of Art, now the University for the Creative Arts. Born in Chatham, Kent a young Zandra was introduced to the world of fashion by her mother, who […]

London Portrait Photography

London Portrait Photography can sometimes be a little staged or even a little familiar. In that people seem to be replicating portrait styles. Ok I understand everything has been done before. That’s to be expected I guess. However, the difference is that each time I capture a portrait I like to extract a little something special from each person. Something in my photography shows ‘a little bit of them’. A little insight into the character of the person. Whether it’s their ambitions, intrests, or just something they are passionate about. This London Portrait Photographic session took place over 2 days. Located at London Bridge, right next to the River Thames. Nestled within a community of businesses. Creating a hub of exciting electricity. Somewhere that people can let themselves get into their work. Add a little something different. Which is why it was really important to capture their personalities and get that spark to show what they are all about. Black and white photography is a real love of mine. Monochromatic imagery, to me, shows character. If captured correctly it really gives the viewer more infomation than a paragraph of blurb. My brief was loose. Loose enough for me to have […]

London Food Photography

June also lent itself to me becoming a new resident photographer for a certain well-known London restaurant chain, which I can’t mention at present as the images you see below are for a Burger competition and aren’t allowed to be tagged. But I do have permission to show them! I love London Food Photography.   The lighting technique was a couple of backlights, another on the background, a mega brolly to create daylight effect and a beaut dish to fill.   Have a look at these beasts, they were massive!  

Wedding Photography at Hampton Court

Wedding Photography at Hampton Court, what a result! With the sun shining I knew this was going to be a great event. Ever been to Hampton Court, it’s a very picturesque town, very similar to Richmond and Henley on Thames. Hampton Court has the river Thames running through it, and the hotel was smack bang on the river. We arrived at Emma’s parents place in Raynes Park, 5 minutes down the road from where it was all kicking off, she was very calm. The dress was hanging up and makeup was being applied. The girls were drinking fizz and everything was great. Starting with photography of the dress, flowers and other details. Sneeking a few images on the side whilst key moments happened. That’s what I’m all about, the documentary natural approach. Everyone loves this style of unobtrusive photography. The dress was next to go on, whilst Dad popped on his socks! A few snaps of the fam and we were off to see Ben at the church. Now, Ben is a very calm, chilled young man, but as we arrived it was clear to see Ben was slightly nervous. To the extent he didn’t see me at first. We […]

Press and PR event London Miller Harris Perfumer

Everyone loves to smell good, I think it’s one of the first things people judge you on, however…after being invited to attend and photograph a launch of this new perfume by Miller Harris London things were about to change. Miller Harris were launching 2 new fragrances and wow they were good. With the London Oxford Circus streets above bustling with people going about thier daily business, I entered this cool downstairs cellar, with a massive whallop of flowery sents that hit me like a train! I’ll never forget it. The 2 scents are based upon flower notes and to illustrate the fact that this was a sensory experience. Sarah Rotherham (CEO) had arranged this sensory experience, there were walk through flowing white curtains sprayed with the new perfumes, which ran a slideshow projected through them (something I’d never seen before), another slideshow and lighting arrangement with soothing soundtracks. Then the most amazing live inside garden you’ll ever see, that you walk through to get to this amazing space. Food and drink complimented the 2 fragrances, all vegan dishes with the most amazing fresh canapes I’d ever tried (being made in front of you). 2 cocktails based on flowers with live […]

Head shot Photography – You need it

Many businesses now have multiple employees, the websites often have a list of the employees with a portrait of that employee or maybe team shots. What stands out the most is a professional head shot. Too many times I see that the company have taken a dodgy shot on their phone and uploaded it. This is a major fault with lots of websites. It’s the first place a client will look to see what experience the company has, with a phone portrait of an employee screams rubbish, amature and the company doesn’t really care. It’s imperative to employ a professional photographer with lighting and a solid camera, spend some money and get some quality photography on your website, if you want people to take you seriously. You can find some examples of heads shots we’ve captured below, but not all need to be taken on the same backdrops. As a professional photographer being in the business many years now I’ve captured head shots in many many ways. Photographing at desks, on roof tops in London, by rivers and lakes, even up trees. It all depends on the nature of your business and what you do. If you are a corporate […]