Photography in Brighton covered for Hixon Green

Photography in Brighton covered for Hixon Green by Barney Warner Photography. Prior to the grand opening back in October.

The commision was to capture imagery for not only their new website, but also for social media content too. With Social media being a massive part of all industries nowadays, people are becoming more and more submersed into the wide world of social media. The need for great photography is becoming more common for social content and we seem to be getting more and more companies requesting this type of photography. Typically, social media is one of the fundimental aspects a new company look to employ. With smart technology and access to all the social sites, it’s an obvious reason to get the very best imagery to support your business. Even if it’s a long standing company, they too are approaching us for more and more imagery.

Being well rehearsed with food photography, interior photography, photographing people and also photographing exteriors, we felt extremely comfortable at Hixon Green, especially as it really lent itself well to being photographed.

The trick though is making the imagery look as natural as possible yet creating a look that is clean and crisp with a high end feel. After all that’s the outlook of this new cafe/bar. It’s a swanky place, with copper lighting, a very lavish black shinny metal ceiling over the bar and a stunning upstairs with a very opulent feel. Good quality leather sofas, fantatsic looking art on the walls and a cocktail bar second to none. It was going to be great!

A chance to really push some lights I’d invested in not so long ago too so a double positive. Of which they performed amazingly. With the right modifiers, they really gave the best feel to the style I was after.

A soft yet promiant look which is difficult to achive using giant modifiers when you’ve got such a large space to shoot. Especially with reflective panels and large floor to ceiling windows.

However, you’ll see that I included a little light bounce, (in a few shots) to keep the photography looking as natural as possible. Yet still retaining that classy style. It’s not overly obvious either so it’s a lovely little touch.

The bar downstairs is amazing, during the day it’s got a light airy feel with some comfortable seating. Tables and chairs for the food side of the cafe, but in a restaurant style.

But when the sun starts to set the ambiance changes too. The lighting dims, and the copper filament lighting comes on, creating a warm but intimate feel. Great for the evenings when a little music and cocktails come to life.

Overall Hixon Green is a fabulous place to visit. They run events there regually so look out for those, worth a peek!

Here’s a link to the website so you can see my work in all it’s glory 😉

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