Photography in Brighton covered for Hixon Green

Photography in Brighton covered for Hixon Green by Barney Warner Photography. Prior to the grand opening back in October. The commision was to capture imagery for not only their new website, but also for social media content too. With Social media being a massive part of all industries nowadays, people are becoming more and more submersed into the wide world of social media. The need for great photography is becoming more common for social content and we seem to be getting more and more companies requesting this type of photography. Typically, social media is one of the fundimental aspects a new company look to employ. With smart technology and access to all the social sites, it’s an obvious reason to get the very best imagery to support your business. Even if it’s a long standing company, they too are approaching us for more and more imagery. Being well rehearsed with food photography, interior photography, photographing people and also photographing exteriors, we felt extremely comfortable at Hixon Green, especially as it really lent itself well to being photographed. The trick though is making the imagery look as natural as possible yet creating a look that is clean and crisp with a […]

West Pier in Brighton Photography

As most photographers know there are a few key shots to be had in the south east of the UK. Everyone knows that West Pier in Brighton Photography is one of them. It’s iconic and if you get there at tyhe right time with your camera and tripod you can get some amazing shots using some known effects and techniques. I’ve always wanted to get down the coast to get this iconic shot but never could scrape myself out of bed early enough…until today. The weather yesterday was stormy and there was a slight calm in the air. However to get the smooth motion look across the sea we needed a bit of movement and a long shutter speed. I popped up the tripod, added a 8stop ND filter and a graduated colour filter over the top. Then came the technical adjustments in camera to get that smooth look and an HDR effect. I’m really happy with the outcome and all the effort was worth it. Next stop will be Tower Bridge in London or the Seven Sisters in Kent, we’ll see!   If you’d like a digital high resoultion copy of the shot to print yourself, please get in […]

Barney Warner Professional Brighton Photographer

The Royal Pavilion, The Perfect Venue For Your Brighton Event If you’re planning a wedding or corporate event in Brighton and you really want to impress, in terms of grandeur, you can’t get much better than the Royal Pavilion. With its marvellous, oriental-style architecture and beautiful Regency gardens, the Royal Pavilion is one of the most exotic locations in the UK. Rich with history, elegance and style, the Royal Pavilion has all the ingredients for an unforgettable event and truly memorable photographs. Here’s a look at why the Royal Pavilion, Brighton is the perfect location to give your event that all impressive ‘wow’ factor. History The Royal Pavilion was first constructed as a modest seaside residence for the then Prince Regent, George IV in 1787. He had been advised by his physician that he would benefit from the healing powers of the sea air, so the building was initially constructed to be used as a therapeutic refuge. The building was lavishly decorated to suit the Prince Regent’s love for ostentatious designs. However, he wanted something even grander and in 1815 commissioned John Nash to transform the modest villa into the majestic oriental-domed, exotic building we see today. Function Rooms Popular […]