Website headshot photography

People like to deal with people, that’s a given. This brings a lot of importance to website headshot photography, the fact is that we like to see the very best in people. Nobody likes a bad headshot do they?! I personally hate having my photograph taken, perhaps thats why I try to ensure every person I ever photograph feel as relaxed as possible. Maybe that’s also why I feel so uncomfortabe in front of the camera… that the photographer doesn’t have the ability to relax me?! This is why I always get the best out of people when they are photographed, the key is to get the sitters guard down, to relax them, to exude the very essence of their characteristics. Sometimes my clients like to have a make up artisit present. I can understand, but with the magic of photoshop sometimes it’s just as easy to completely airbrush somebody. With all my headshots, I supply free airbrushing, so there’s no need to feel uncomfortable, you can sit knowing all those shaving cuts will have dissapeared before you see the final result. Websites have team photography as well as indiviual head shots. It’s great having an overal team shot on […]