Car Photography with Retro Ford Magazine

At last!!!… I was sworn to secrecy for so long! Back in March I was approached by Retro Ford magazine to photograph their special 200 page edition. AS the offical photographer, it was my job to arrange the studio, make up artist and model to feature on the front cover, as well as many pages within the magazine. Normally my assistant would do this but I like to be hands on with new clients. Photographing cars was my first passion within the commercial world of photography. As a student I managed to wrangle my way into the car photography world by finding a really well respected photographer and attending a shoot in a top London studio where I first assisted with car photography. However Automotive has always been a great part of my life…  and this experience gave me the bug, I worked for this tog for around a year, then I found myself a more permanent roll locally. The travel everyday to town was a pain. However since then I’ve photographed for many blue chip car brands, such as Suzuki GB, Honda, KIA, BMW and the list goes on! Not only cars, but motorbikes too. I covered national press […]

Commercial Photography Crawley

Today’s shoot was for a new client, they are a PR rep for a really great company called   The company help provide disabled people to use public facilites with ease. So not your typical shoot, but then all my work is so varied. This is why I love what I do! (Variety is the spice of life apparently lol).   Thinking like a wheelchair user I could not imagine how difficult it must be not knowing if there would be any public restrooms that could cater for wheelchair access on a day out. Having to ‘hold it in’ is a horrible feeling, but invisage doing that on a daily basis I think it would be a nightmare!! Well Closo-Mat help overcome this by providing new tech to enable wheelchair users access these taken for granted ‘daily musts’. Today it was my task to go capture the restroom and its surroundings to show the local area and its location within, to accompany the photography of the new tech. Tilgate Lakes and the Nature Centre are a family favourite, my twin children simply love coming to this venue, to visit animals, to walk around the lakes, to sit and enjoy […]

Some from today’s antics!!!

I’m always buzzing around Brighton, some of my best clients are based down that way so a lot of my photography happens that way. It’s tricky being asked to shoot in the winter but make look like the summer. I love a challenge, but to be honest I find it easy. Having been a commercial photographer for 14 years enables me to pull tricks from my bag that I’ve gained from experience. Have a look at the images below, we actually captured most of these just on the coast of Brighton and in the marina!