Wedding Videography at the Long Furlong Barn

Wedding Videography at the Long Furlong Barn with Louise and Barry.

I love wedding videography. It’s something that Barney Warner Photography have always offered but never really pushed. Until now!

Here’s a little preview from a recent wedding we covered back in 2017. You can see we had the weather on our side. Always a good thing.

Louise and Barry were a great couple to work with. From the start it was clear to see they were both so very relaxed. Taking it all in their stride.

The Long Furlong Barn, is a beautiful setting for any event, but weddings especially. With rolling hills and amazing views over the south downs.

Intimate, but also lending itself to amazing parties. With it’s Barn ceremony room and a big hall for the wedidng breakfast, it’s clear to see how this venue is great for a wedding.

The cottage joining is fab for a bride to prepair in. Airy and bright, with comfortable furninshings too.

The day went without any hitch. Bestman was on top form, and everyone had a giggle.

Barry is a twin. Identicle. So this was quite funny at points trying to make sure we were filming the right guy, as all there was to identify Barry was a slight tone change in his tie.

They had an amazing DJ in the evening with a photobooth to match. You’ll see all this in the video.

The music tracks were taken from walking down the isle and first dance. Due to the length of the video, we used the first dance track twice. Snipped and extended.

Here is a link to other weddings we’ve had the pleasure of covering;


Also worth a note is the Long Furlong Barn website for more info visit;

We thank Louise and Barry for using our services and wish them all the best with married life!

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