Gildings Barns Wedding with Louisa and Toby

This post has been eagerly anticipated…Gildings Barns wedding with Louisa and Toby. Yesterday’s wedding was a big deal for me. Louisa is a long term friend and my go to make up artist that I’ve used for many many years now. She’s the best. I also know her dad very well too, he’s also a great friend. The pressure was on! When Lou told me she was getting married, I was so pleased. Toby is a lovely friendly bloke who you can tell adores Louisa. He’s a ‘strapping lad’ but very chilled and easy going. These guys are like two peas in a pod as Lou is also a very relaxed individual. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her get in a fizz. Nothing’s a problem for her. She is also very photogenic, as you will see. I call her my Vogue Make up artist. The day started off at her bridal preps. This took place at Stanhill Court Hotel. It’s a grand old place that I’ve shot many weddings at. They recently done the place up from the previous owner, who I also know very well. On my arrival, the girls seemed extremely relaxed and chilled. Hair and […]

Wedding Photography at Hampton Court

Wedding Photography at Hampton Court, what a result! With the sun shining I knew this was going to be a great event. Ever been to Hampton Court, it’s a very picturesque town, very similar to Richmond and Henley on Thames. Hampton Court has the river Thames running through it, and the hotel was smack bang on the river. We arrived at Emma’s parents place in Raynes Park, 5 minutes down the road from where it was all kicking off, she was very calm. The dress was hanging up and makeup was being applied. The girls were drinking fizz and everything was great. Starting with photography of the dress, flowers and other details. Sneeking a few images on the side whilst key moments happened. That’s what I’m all about, the documentary natural approach. Everyone loves this style of unobtrusive photography. The dress was next to go on, whilst Dad popped on his socks! A few snaps of the fam and we were off to see Ben at the church. Now, Ben is a very calm, chilled young man, but as we arrived it was clear to see Ben was slightly nervous. To the extent he didn’t see me at first. We […]

Engagement photo shoot in Surrey

Today’s engagement photo shoot took place in a wheat field in Surrey, specifically Leigh near Dorking. The couple I’m shooting in 8 weeks time and I’m really looking forward to doing the wedding photography at Southdown’s Manor as it’s a venue I’ve not yet experienced. From the images I’ve seen online I’m quite excited. Although I’ve photographed most venues in Surrey and Sussex for weddings, it’s occasions like these that are that extra bit special, it brings back loads of magic and really allows me to go the extra mile when working on the big day. Getting those new backdrops with a great couple in the foreground is always exciting to put up on the website, let’s hope for amazing weather and a great time! Ross was pacing up and down, I’m guessing he’s not loving the fact he has to be photographed, but once I got them in the viewfinder it all changed. Sarah and Ross have that natural connection and you could clearly see how comfortable they are in each others arms. That makes my job so much easier… Haveing not to worry too much about the compositions but give a little guidence allows me to be more […]

Wedding photography Surrey with Mr&Mrs Martin-Jones

Wow what a day spent at a Surrey National Golf Wedding!! Lovely and warm, the sun shone all day long. Wedding photography commenced at their home address in Surrey with bridal preps, a lovely house with great decoration really helped me out with finding decent backgrounds. The girls were putting away some fizz in the kitchen which quickly slowed down once they’d realised none of them had yet to have breakfast!! A rookie mistake. With the preps covered it was a quick drive to the ceremony address. The nervous groom waited at the top of the isle for the beautiful bride, he waited a little longer due to traffic but was worth it as she beemed down the isle following his footsteps. The ceremony was held at the Leatherhead registry office with the reception afterwards at the Surrey National golf club. We had some amazing fun blasting round the 18th hole on the buggies and the bride had a good laugh pushing the buggie with Luke driving. (Images to follow…) Everyone loved the time to spend with each other socialising and celebrating the newley weds. Cake and first dance followed and they were left partying hard on the dance floor. […]

Wedding at Wotton House Hotel with Mr & Mrs Patel

Just 2 days ago we had a dusting of snow! It was still really cold, but dry thankfully. The couple had the whole day mapped out, things were typically running behind ever so slightly but the atmosphere was electric! Wotton House Hotel… wedding photography at Wotton House Hotel is always a treat for me, there’s an abundance of photographic oppertunities at this wonderful venue. Mel had the ceremony room beautifully decorated and Kalpen was the typical nervous groom. You could just tell. He was surrounded by his wonderful family and friends as the bridesmaids walked down the isle swiftly followed by the bride with her father John. After a few minutes the vowels were exchanged and another happy couple skipped back down the isle. Casual imagery was captured as everyone enjoyed each others company and the canapes and everyone got into the swing of the celbrations. Following this was the formal groups, (got to keep mum happy!), then followed by romantics and finally the food. But… before the food came the speeches, a growing modern twist I find. John, the best men and Kalpen delivered without fault and were very much relieved to sit to enjoy the banquet that awaited. […]

The new…. Mr & Mrs Healey!!!

Today’s wedding was always going to be a great day. Kate & Ross were tying the knot. They’re both wild party animals and god knows how messy it’s going to get this evening, but I thought I’d share a few shots with you of the day so far. The weather was beautiful, bright and sunny with a tiny breeze to cool you down. Botleys Mansion, never been to this one before but would highly recommend it. Lisa the events manager was great. She helped advise all the best spots and the rooms were stunning. Everything was so chilled and relaxed, just how you’d want it. Time was on our side and we managed to get a massive group shot of everyone after the ceremony. Katie was looking amazing and Ross had the theme of James Bond, black suit and tie. Looked smooth. Have a look through the photos and see if you can spot Ian getting dressed by Lisa lol!!!