Newborn photographer- The Warner family grows!!

My brother and his wife just recently had Twins! That’s 2 sets in our family now, crazy times, my wife and I have twins too. I had the pleasure of course of capturing their first portraits! Baby photography is notorious for being difficult, but the twins were great to work with. It’s vital you photograph babies within 14 days of their birth, this way they are nice and relaxed, and easy to move into different poses. Ok granted not all babies are text book portrait sitters, but that comes with the job unfortunately. Just recently I was photographing a baby and dad, when the baby decided to have a ‘number 2’ all down daddy’s tummy. It all happens on baby shoots trust me, but I’m used to it. I photograph lots of children and babies, it’s not my main expertise being a Sussex newborn photographer but I enjoy the love in the room. It’s beautiful to see that instant love between the baby and parent. With my professional lighting experience I manage to capture something a little different from the rest. Have a look below at the examples. .

The Warner Twins aged 9 months

It’s time for a little post about our very own little monsters. Max & Millie have now reached 9 months and time is really flying along now. Feels like it was only yesterday that they arrived into our world. So the little milk monsters rarely get a chance in front of the camera with Barney being so busy, but he found a little slot for them just the other morning in between changing nappies and wiping food from the walls! I joke. They each have great little personalities and have their own magical ways. Max is a happy little fellow, always smiling and happy to see Barney arrive home from a busy day usually wedding photographing or after a portrait session out and about. Being a Crawley Wedding Photographer does tend to leave little time for Barney at the weekends and evenings to see the little monkeys so it’s quite special and he notices the subtle changes day to day. So the image we’ve shared is a triptic made from shots on a white background, which is our favourite look as it tends to be quite timeless. Look how much they have grown in just a few months!