Long Furlong Barn Wedding Photography

Long Furlong Wedding Photography, West Sussex Wedding Photographer, Sussex Photographer, that’s the topic of today’s post. Yep a bit of a mouthful! I recently was asked to cover a wedding for a neighbour of mine. He’s become more of a friend of recent. He’s a bloody good bloke. Barney Warner Photography covered this wedding today not just still wedding photography but wedding video as well. We’ll come back to that in future posts so keep your eyes peeled! http://longfurlongbarn.co.uk/ Daniel and Karen had their fantasic wedding here at Long Furlong Barn in Worthing West Sussex. Not my first time shooting here. I did a wedding video there not so long ago too. Fab place. The entire day was held here, from bridal preps with Karen, through to first dance, the whole day. Starting off with Karen, she was very calm, which is a good start. Karen is a bag of laughs. She’s chilled yet has her eye on everything. I guess thats the EPA in her coming through! She had everyone know what their duties were without being bossy. The kids were running around having fun and the hair & makeup being applied. This was a good point for a […]

Balcombe Place Sussex

Barney Warner Photography were asked to attend a styled photo shoot one afternoon at the currently renovating Balcombe Place Sussex, on the Balcombe Estate. It was to produce a showcase of a specific room of Balcombe Place. This was extra special as the following contribultors were present working buckets of magic within their specific industries. @inspiredbysusieevans brought the planning and collaboration along with ideas and creative direction. http://www.tigerstolilies.co.uk/ brought some truely beautiful flower arrangements for the table centre pieces. http://www.co-ordination.net/ were present with their amazing room hire furniture and table linen. http://fourgablesgroup.com/ produced some absolutley amazing food that was all hand created and form to showcase really what is possible for your ultimate event hunger issues. Balcombe Place Sussex is such a beautiful building, constructed back in the 1800s, now currently being renovated into a luxury venue perfect for those BIG celebrations. Speaking BIG, the entrance door has to be the largest, heavest door I’ve ever opened. There are many rooms, the entrance hall has a hugh fireplace, but the room in particular that we were working in was ‘The Music Room’, which houses a very old Music Organ, currently not in use but it certainly adds to the very grand feel you […]

Headshots Sussex … on a Dairy Farm

Headshots Sussex … on a Dairy Farm. Doesn’t sound right does it. However, professional headshots are very in vouge at present, rightly so! However I’ve never been asked to attend a farm yard to capture a dairy farmer headshot before. Today was a first. I LOVE MILK. Upon arrival I experienced mud to new heights. My wellies fell over and the slurry slurpped up my body into my face. I hadn’t even looked the car! Not a great look I can assure you. After mopping myself down, I wandered through the farmyard to find my portrait sitter. She was voted to be Britains sexiest farmer 2013 I’ll have you know. Kate was to appear in a newsletter called ‘Milkmatters’, on behalf of the dairy company Arla. They were featuring the farm and their cattle.  She needed some headshots taken on her dairy farm. I LOVE MILKSHAKES. Our first stop was into a muddy field with heards of young Heifer were held. See I know all the technical lingo now guys. A Heifer is a female cow that has yet to have any offspring. They were instantly drawn to my flash equipment and the camera. Cow’s love to lick things and […]

West Sussex wedding photography at Ghyll Manor

I love staying local, especially in West Sussex, it’s a beautiful part of the south, wedding photography at Ghyll Manor is quite unique. It’s a really beautifully set location with an old manor house and extensive grounds leading down to a gorgeous lake with lilly pads. Recent years of ever increasing popularity lead to the construction of the newer part of this venue which not only gives a great party but also accomodates guests over night. Yesterday was the amazing wedding of Claire and Dean. I’ve known them both for many years and grew up in the same area, went to the same schools and occasionally ‘knocked about’ in similar cirlces of friends, which meant I knew a fair number of the guests which instantly helps when capturing the natural essence of the day. I tend to blend in as best I can with the guests to be as unobtrusive as possible, producing some unstaged moments that the couple can treasure. It was a warm close weather type of day, which can be uncomfortable sometimes in suits, I felt for the guys in the 3 peices but it didn’t distract from the day. Everyone was easy going and up for […]

Head shot Photography – You need it

Many businesses now have multiple employees, the websites often have a list of the employees with a portrait of that employee or maybe team shots. What stands out the most is a professional head shot. Too many times I see that the company have taken a dodgy shot on their phone and uploaded it. This is a major fault with lots of websites. It’s the first place a client will look to see what experience the company has, with a phone portrait of an employee screams rubbish, amature and the company doesn’t really care. It’s imperative to employ a professional photographer with lighting and a solid camera, spend some money and get some quality photography on your website, if you want people to take you seriously. You can find some examples of heads shots we’ve captured below, but not all need to be taken on the same backdrops. As a professional photographer being in the business many years now I’ve captured head shots in many many ways. Photographing at desks, on roof tops in London, by rivers and lakes, even up trees. It all depends on the nature of your business and what you do. If you are a corporate […]

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