Chocolate photography Surrey

BIG NEWS!! Chocolate photography in Surrey happened this week. Oh what a joy it was too, surely there’s no end to the amount you can eat right?! Well let me tell you, NO there isn’t. I’ve a sweet tooth so I’ve been told and this was a dream. Matt’s team at CocoAleur in Newdigate Surrey requested my presence at their kitchen outlet. I arrived with all the kit I needed, and got straight down to business, chocolate tasting! WOW. The product actually tastes as good as it looks, Chocolate photography in Surrey is now one of my favourite parts of my job. These little dome capsules of joy burst in your mouth and have fresh ingredients, like cherries, Raspberries, fudge, Honeycomb, peanut, the list goes on and on. All made with Cocoa butter and no nasty‚Äôs like Palm Oil. So the taste is delicious, the ingredients are the best and the product look amazing, there’s nothing not to like. Which also made my job a lot easier. There were some difficulties along the way, the chocolate would melt if I had the modelling bulbs on, so they were off the entire shoot. The domes were highly reflective and so this […]