Motorbike Photographer in Surrey and Sussex

To be a Motorbike Photographer in Surrey and Sussex, you need to have some interest in them. I do.   Since the age of 16 I have been into motorbikes, all my friends at that age had scooters or other trials style 50cc bikes, it was a phase we went through. But with all this, I had the bug. My first bike was a 50cc monkey bike style Honda ST50 DAX, it was chrome in it’s styling with a bike headlight. It looked like a miniture 900cc rocker’s bike. I loved it. So natty and unique, I don’t know how my father found it, but I’m forever thankful that he did. I remeber it wasn’t cheap for a first bike, it wasn’t brand new, but was a mint example. Everyone knew it was me coming down the road, a real head turner! My second bike was a trials style bike, a Suzuki TS50, with a cheeky big bore kit. I knew it had one the second I rode it. I was so excited, having never ridden a fully manual motorbike. I nearly fell off straight away. It was a gravel drive at the previous owners, with my short legs and […]