Motorbike Photographer in Surrey and Sussex

To be a Motorbike Photographer in Surrey and Sussex, you need to have some interest in them.

I do.


Since the age of 16 I have been into motorbikes, all my friends at that age had scooters or other trials style 50cc bikes, it was a phase we went through. But with all this, I had the bug.

My first bike was a 50cc monkey bike style Honda ST50 DAX, it was chrome in it’s styling with a bike headlight. It looked like a miniture 900cc rocker’s bike. I loved it. So natty and unique, I don’t know how my father found it, but I’m forever thankful that he did.

I remeber it wasn’t cheap for a first bike, it wasn’t brand new, but was a mint example. Everyone knew it was me coming down the road, a real head turner!

My second bike was a trials style bike, a Suzuki TS50, with a cheeky big bore kit. I knew it had one the second I rode it. I was so excited, having never ridden a fully manual motorbike. I nearly fell off straight away. It was a gravel drive at the previous owners, with my short legs and the tall frame it was difficult to get on and control at first. I got used to it.

The second we got home with it, I took it round the block. My friends loved it. So did I.

Every week, the motorcycle shop made ¬£15. An easy ¬£15, having just been to the bank on a Saturday morning, the road camber slips away and so did my footing. I didn’t learm! A welcome voice on Saturday lunch time, “another clutch lever Barney?”. So funny looking back.

Then came a scooter to commute to Art School to study photography. Piaggio Zip was the model. A reliable little thing, but you needed to get into aerodynamic positions to get it to go up the steep hills.

I made some mistakes like most whilst young on the bikes. I cut my arm doing a stupid thing in the local park. I slid down the road on a roundabout in wet conditions, in front of the police. This was amungst other mistakes of course. We all learn.

All the while I was photographing the bikes and friends.

My love for automotive photography thrives today. I think this has been something I’ve drilled into me from a yound age.

Whilst at Art School, I progressed to 4 wheels. Instantly feel in love with photographing cars. My friends left college  which funded faster more attractive cars. I took lots of photos and still have the best ones today in a clamshell case.

Whilst studying I started working with a Car Specialist Photographer in London. Photographing for Suzuki and Honda in some of the capitals best and biggest studios. A true insight into the world of advertising. I was in love.

Controlling light on the infinity cove, getting the reflections right was a true art. Using filters and smoke effects. Loading photographic dark slides with 10×8 and 5×4 film was all new to me too. I sometimes even modelled the cars, driving them in the brouchures was a hit with the family.

Once I completed my qualifications I applied to a local studio. Got the job and spent the next 11 years honing my skills. Not just cars, but every type of photography. From Press and PR, photographing royal family and prime ministers. To cars in the studio. Time spent away all over the country photographing for some of the world’s largest car companies new models. Product photography and fashion, food, models and more motorbikes. Girls on bikes and next to cars too. I spent a lot of the time photographing Motorbikes for Suzuki in the studio.

You name it, I’ve now done it, in spade loads too. I’ve nailed every lighting technique you can think of.

Being a freelance Motorbike Photographer in Surrey and Sussex now allows me to do all photography, I can bring many skills to the table with me. I shoot for many magazines, websites and agencies.

Recent photo shoots include cover work for a car magazine at the South Easts largest photographic studio. A real buzz.

Below are some images I took a while back now but looking to expand on this. We spent the morning photographing a guy that’s probabily broken every bone in his body. You can tell by the different things he’s showing in the images. But he’s got a true talent. Some might say a screw loose, but most will see his skills.

Being a Motorbike Photographer in Surrey and Sussex is fun. Photographing the moving shots, not so much. With moving backgrounds and parts of the bike can be challenging whilst keeping a steady hand.

Really happy with the overal looks. Night shots would be amazing using flash, perhaps this could be next on the list!

Here is a link to a magazine that shows some of the most trick bikes out there. A car magazing I worked with and a few other interesting automotive links.

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer

Motorbike Photographer in Surrey

Professional Commercial/Wedding/Portrait Photographer


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