Biscuit photography with Percys Bakery

Biscuit photography with Percys Bakery was always going to be amazing. I love photographing food, especiually when I get to nibble some of it 😉 A while back I was approached to produce a refresh of imagery for Percys with social media and web in mind. They have great photography already and this was to compliment it, if not make it a little more up to date. I was excited. Not only did I know I was getting a lot of sweet food arriving but this was Percys Bakery. They produce some of the most delectable foods, especially biscuits! These aren’t any old biscuit, honest go buy some and find out for yourself. Percys are in places like Harrods and Selfridges, but hey are breaking out into stores near you soon as they are now stocked by Sainburys too. The new imagery was with some old favourites, as well as some new product. The imagery was to be used alongside the new lines in the new stores. As well as social media. @percysbakery When the product arrived, it was rather overwhelming. So much arrived. My eyes were popping out. With something from every line they produce I knew I’d have […]

Food Photography in France

Last year was a banger for me. I had the privilege to travel to France with video friends for Facebook and produce some Food Photography in France. Ok it wasn’t strictly French food, but look it’s beautiful! One night, Instagram flew in a star chef. He created such magnificant master pieces for VIPs to enjoy. I’ve added a couple of dishes below. We travelled to Cannes and as past of the ten day shoot, it was requested I photographed a VIP Instagram dinner that was set up just for this particular event. It was amazing! White was the theme, with white tables and chairs, candelabra, linen etc. Everyone was so suprised and there a lot of phones emerged snapping away at the food and surroundings to record the moment. If you fancy going to the event next year, have a look at Cannes Lions link below;

Food photography in London

This is a special one, something close to my heart…FOOD! So over the years of being a professional advertising photographer, my favourite area of photography has developed into photographing Food. Food photography in London is quite popular, not just in social media, (there’s a lot of people with phones these days snapping their meals in fancy restaurants), but every restaurant I know has some form of photography on their websites as a ‘shop front’ to advertise the delights of their premises. With a saturated market in the captial it’s imperitave now to enhance the look and make your culenary delights that little bit more appealing. To stand out from the crowd, to encourage punters through the door. Therefore it makes sense to hire a professional food photographer to come by and give your dishes an extra bit of sparkle! As a professional food photographer, my imagery had been noticed by one of the great chefs of our time. In fact he holds the record for being the youngest chef to attain 2 Michelin stars, (at the age of 26), we are of course talking about the great, Tom Aikens. After working in many Michelin starred restaurants, he now runs 3 […]

Chocolate photography Surrey

BIG NEWS!! Chocolate photography in Surrey happened this week. Oh what a joy it was too, surely there’s no end to the amount you can eat right?! Well let me tell you, NO there isn’t. I’ve a sweet tooth so I’ve been told and this was a dream. Matt’s team at CocoAleur in Newdigate Surrey requested my presence at their kitchen outlet. I arrived with all the kit I needed, and got straight down to business, chocolate tasting! WOW. The product actually tastes as good as it looks, Chocolate photography in Surrey is now one of my favourite parts of my job. These little dome capsules of joy burst in your mouth and have fresh ingredients, like cherries, Raspberries, fudge, Honeycomb, peanut, the list goes on and on. All made with Cocoa butter and no nasty’s like Palm Oil. So the taste is delicious, the ingredients are the best and the product look amazing, there’s nothing not to like. Which also made my job a lot easier. There were some difficulties along the way, the chocolate would melt if I had the modelling bulbs on, so they were off the entire shoot. The domes were highly reflective and so this […]

Food photography in Sussex

Food photography in Sussex, Food photography in Sussex, not the most descriptive of headers, I know. But it does what it says on the tin. One of the commisions last month took me to the wonderful golf club of Ashdown Forest. Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club… With the grand name of ‘Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club’, the course had a lot to live up to. However, as I play in a society, I visit a lot of golf courses. This has got to be one of the best, (if not the best), in the South East.I was that impressed. With 2 courses, The West Course and The Old Course, a fab pro shop, and an extremely well stocked bar and restaurant it’s top of my list!  I personally perfer the West Course. The Old Course has a better reputation but that’s my opinion. Perhaps I simply had a better game?   Anyway, back to the photography… (love golf sorry) This commision, allowed me to venture up to the restaurant. The club house manager requested food photography update. To push on social media and their website. It’s a great ideal to keep on top of food photography. Something like food changes […]