County Mall PR photographer Crawley

Today’s main event took place at Crawley’s County Mall, where there was a big unveiling of the newest changing facility for people with disabilities. I was employed to cover the event by a PR agent for the project. Which included a state of the art hoist for people with problems climbing onto changing beds, an electronic bed and an electronic basin which all rise and fall to suit the user. It’s so often taken for granted when using public amenities. I think we all tend to over look the facts that standard conveniences give less abled people less opportunities and ease of use. I never would have imagined how important it actually is that a changing bed would need to rise and fall, the basin too. But with a little imagination it’s easy to see why. People simply rush about thier normal lives not giving these daily musts a second thought. But for a disabled person these day to day duties are the most important part of the day. Knowing or not knowing is a reson for going out or staying in. As I arrived, many local celebs, Chris Oxslade, (used to run the local radio station, now a media […]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Professional Photographer

The most crucial and fundamental aspect of any business, no matter how small, is marketing. Ultimately, you have a product or service that you want to sell. Good marketing involves making your business visible: getting out there and increasing your brand awareness, while using methods to make you stand out above the competition. That’s why using the right images to promote your brand and sell your products is essential. Professional photographs grab attention, display your company and your brand in the best possible way and boost your credibility. You may have the best business idea ever and offer amazing products and services. But if they aren’t marketed effectively, your business will suffer and ultimately, fail. So before you start snapping away with your smartphone, consider these 5 good reasons why your business needs a professional photographer. 1. Your Website Every business should have a website. It’s the first place prospective customers will go to. You will be judged by your content so the first impressions need to be positive. Written content is important, but the eyes are immediately drawn to images. That’s why they need to be professional and relevant. 2. Quality An amateur photo screams “unprofessional”. Images should help, […]

Barney Warner Professional Brighton Photographer

The Royal Pavilion, The Perfect Venue For Your Brighton Event If you’re planning a wedding or corporate event in Brighton and you really want to impress, in terms of grandeur, you can’t get much better than the Royal Pavilion. With its marvellous, oriental-style architecture and beautiful Regency gardens, the Royal Pavilion is one of the most exotic locations in the UK. Rich with history, elegance and style, the Royal Pavilion has all the ingredients for an unforgettable event and truly memorable photographs. Here’s a look at why the Royal Pavilion, Brighton is the perfect location to give your event that all impressive ‘wow’ factor. History The Royal Pavilion was first constructed as a modest seaside residence for the then Prince Regent, George IV in 1787. He had been advised by his physician that he would benefit from the healing powers of the sea air, so the building was initially constructed to be used as a therapeutic refuge. The building was lavishly decorated to suit the Prince Regent’s love for ostentatious designs. However, he wanted something even grander and in 1815 commissioned John Nash to transform the modest villa into the majestic oriental-domed, exotic building we see today. Function Rooms Popular […]

Event Photography covered in Shoreham by sea

Easter weekend and the parties were going off. Most were out enjoying themselves over the 4 day hols, but a certain few still have work commitments 😉 So my shoot was a Tattoo studio and Barbers (Sidehow Tattoo Company & The Cutthroat Barber Company) celebrating at a local pub after opening a new shop front, (you can find their Facebook fan page links below). The crowd were amazing, there was live dj, band and Facebook celebrity by the name of ‘Brad’s Dad’! I even snuck in a quick selfie with the friendly chap. Here’s a couple of shots from the night, if you need an event photographer, doesn’t have to be local, we travel. Crawley, Sussex, West Sussex, East Sussex and all over the South East and even London then just drop us a line. Honestly, you’ll not find nicer people, Michael who owns Sideshow Tattoo Company and his team do the best tattoos I’ve ever witnessed! I only recently was introduced to Daniel who owns The Cuttroat Barber Company, but from what I’ve seen he’s pretty sharp with that blade! He’s also a decent fella. Sideshow Tattoo Company The Cutthroat Barber Company