Social Media Photography

With social media now booming and being greater than ever, it’s really important your social media photography is on point.┬áLinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook being just a few of the platforms. That’s why at Barney Warner Photography, we take the very best care. We ensure that when capturing your portrait it really brings out the best in your character and personality. Which is penultimately what sells… You. Social networking is the one thing that we can all excel at. You don’t need a degree in socialising, just be yourself. This is why the industry is so popular. Therefore Barney Warner Photography offer a package now that helps express yourself and really makes the most of your social profile. With our professional photographic service we push you, to extract your best look, your best reflection, your best profile picture. But of course this doesn’t mean the look is unprofessional. The package ensures not only do we capture you in your working environment (where possible), but also as a business profile too. To capture both helps get the serious business ethic across to your viewer, it also ensures you are seen in your natural environment, where you are most comfortable. This is […]

Family Portrait Photography Crawley

Family Portrait Photography is something we all should have more of, you simply forget how quick the kids grow and before you know it they’ve left the nest. So you’ve looked around, the best photographers are so expensive, but do they always give the best results? Barney Warner Photography thrives to supply natural imagery that reflects you and your families charateristics. Whether in the studio, or out on locations it doesn’t matter. Sometimes things are a bit blank in the studio, but not just the background… Getting out and about really helps pull out those emotions and natural feel that’s great to capture and save forever. Here’s a family we recently had the pleasure to work with, they loved the images and it’s given them some fond memories, especially as the kids are shooting up now. (It’s the second time we’ve had them in the studio, we even saw the changes!). Get in touch to book your session and save those really important moments in your life.

Wedding at Wotton House Hotel with Mr & Mrs Patel

Just 2 days ago we had a dusting of snow! It was still really cold, but dry thankfully. The couple had the whole day mapped out, things were typically running behind ever so slightly but the atmosphere was electric! Wotton House Hotel… wedding photography at Wotton House Hotel is always a treat for me, there’s an abundance of photographic oppertunities at this wonderful venue. Mel had the ceremony room beautifully decorated and Kalpen was the typical nervous groom. You could just tell. He was surrounded by his wonderful family and friends as the bridesmaids walked down the isle swiftly followed by the bride with her father John. After a few minutes the vowels were exchanged and another happy couple skipped back down the isle. Casual imagery was captured as everyone enjoyed each others company and the canapes and everyone got into the swing of the celbrations. Following this was the formal groups, (got to keep mum happy!), then followed by romantics and finally the food. But… before the food came the speeches, a growing modern twist I find. John, the best men and Kalpen delivered without fault and were very much relieved to sit to enjoy the banquet that awaited. […]