Travel photography Europe whilst commissioned away from home

Whilst on my travels in June I managed to go to some beautiful places in Europe. I love to documenting on my travels, to create memories of where I’ve been. I work so quickly it’s easy to miss the beautiful bits. Travel photography Europe. During my Cannes tour, I managed to get out and do some street photography. I won’t mention this was amounst sourcing restaurants in the evening, with my phone of all things!   Obviously I love to upwork my imagery afterwards in Photoshop, so these might not be the very original copies 😉   Both May and June I’ve travelled to Berlin, Germany to capture events for Facebook, but the last photographic commission was to document a telecommunications summit, regarding upcoming technology. Won’t go into details 😉 I was there for the day, flew out the night before to a dark east soide Berlin. On my own, roaming the streets trying to find my hotel. There’s a lot of building work going on in the east side of Berlin at the moment, so lots of scaffolding up, not being able to see the hotel signs.   I must have got to the hotel around 10pm, dumped my […]