Introducing Mr & Mrs Binder!!!!

Another fab day, very relaxed affair. All was calm and collected upon my arrival. Mike was as cool as a cucumber. The venue was The Roebuck in Wych Cross, ceremony… the lot. This gave the guests the opportunity to let thier hair down, that they did. Jagerbombs and Skittlebombs galore!!! Even the mums!   So Vicki and Mike, what a great couple, both great to be around and very much in love. After the ceremony I dragged everyone out for a group shot, they are always interesting. I think most of the family were at the bar, so these things can take a while. After that they party started and people started winding down. Food followed and then this amazing guy started singing ‘nessun dorma’. His name is Mark Lanahan and you can reach him on the link below, highly recommended. He’s so funny, has the most amazing voice and gets everyone invloved. Speaches followed this and then onto first dance once the evening guests arrived. That’s where I left them and god knows how crazy the party is now. I wish I was still there!! Once again massive congratulations guys, was a true pleasure. Here are some […]