Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hollands!

This was the long anticipated wedding of 2014! Barney’s known Paul since school (and would class him as one of his closest long standing friends), he’s quite a character and anyone will tell you the same. He has many talents, one of which is song writing. Corinne is a singer, they met one day in a recording studio and hit it off, the rest as they say ‘is history’. (He’s hit the jackpot with Corinne, she’s lovely). Paul’s day started a little bumpy, the cat got out of the house! So at 10am he could be seen running around calling “Monster” taping the pets food bowl. So funny, the best-men and ushers were all in hysterics. Corinne looked amazing, (as we all knew she would), she’s done a fair bit of modelling too so they were well rehearsed with all the poses)! “Bando” as Paul is better known, also loves having his picture taken, and I’ve used him myself in a few commercials for car adverts.  I think you’ll agree they both look amazing in the image below. We hope you and your gorgeous children had a lovely day and wish you all the very best for the future. x […]