Press and PR event London Miller Harris Perfumer

Everyone loves to smell good, I think it’s one of the first things people judge you on, however…after being invited to attend and photograph a launch of this new perfume by Miller Harris London things were about to change. Miller Harris were launching 2 new fragrances and wow they were good. With the London Oxford Circus streets above bustling with people going about thier daily business, I entered this cool downstairs cellar, with a massive whallop of flowery sents that hit me like a train! I’ll never forget it. The 2 scents are based upon flower notes and to illustrate the fact that this was a sensory experience. Sarah Rotherham (CEO) had arranged this sensory experience, there were walk through flowing white curtains sprayed with the new perfumes, which ran a slideshow projected through them (something I’d never seen before), another slideshow and lighting arrangement with soothing soundtracks. Then the most amazing live inside garden you’ll ever see, that you walk through to get to this amazing space. Food and drink complimented the 2 fragrances, all vegan dishes with the most amazing fresh canapes I’d ever tried (being made in front of you). 2 cocktails based on flowers with live […]