Social Media Photography

With social media now booming and being greater than ever, it’s really important your social media photography is on point.┬áLinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook being just a few of the platforms. That’s why at Barney Warner Photography, we take the very best care. We ensure that when capturing your portrait it really brings out the best in your character and personality. Which is penultimately what sells… You. Social networking is the one thing that we can all excel at. You don’t need a degree in socialising, just be yourself. This is why the industry is so popular. Therefore Barney Warner Photography offer a package now that helps express yourself and really makes the most of your social profile. With our professional photographic service we push you, to extract your best look, your best reflection, your best profile picture. But of course this doesn’t mean the look is unprofessional. The package ensures not only do we capture you in your working environment (where possible), but also as a business profile too. To capture both helps get the serious business ethic across to your viewer, it also ensures you are seen in your natural environment, where you are most comfortable. This is […]