Headshots Sussex … on a Dairy Farm

Headshots Sussex … on a Dairy Farm. Doesn’t sound right does it. However, professional headshots are very in vouge at present, rightly so! However I’ve never been asked to attend a farm yard to capture a dairy farmer headshot before. Today was a first. I LOVE MILK. Upon arrival I experienced mud to new heights. My wellies fell over and the slurry slurpped up my body into my face. I hadn’t even looked the car! Not a great look I can assure you. After mopping myself down, I wandered through the farmyard to find my portrait sitter. She was voted to be Britains sexiest farmer 2013 I’ll have you know. Kate was to appear in a newsletter called ‘Milkmatters’, on behalf of the dairy company Arla. They were featuring the farm and their cattle.  She needed some headshots taken on her dairy farm. I LOVE MILKSHAKES. Our first stop was into a muddy field with heards of young Heifer were held. See I know all the technical lingo now guys. A Heifer is a female cow that has yet to have any offspring. They were instantly drawn to my flash equipment and the camera. Cow’s love to lick things and […]