Product photography in Crawley

Product photography is something we’ve done for decades, it’s one of our favourite things. Getting creative with lighting is really fun. Even back in the old student days getting in the studio with a camera full of film was so exciting and still today there’s a feeling you get shooting something that can appear bland at first and getting a real buzz from a great finished outcome that you’ve created. An exciting look that really impresses the client has got to be good right?! So the latest commision was for a local Crawley firm called Afriso Eurogauge. The products they produce are pretty cool, a specialist UK manufacturer producing level measurement and detection equipment for liquids, powders and granular materials contained in process vessels, storage tanks, silos and hoppers. With 6 new devices it was Barney Warner Photography they gave the comission to. To create something attractive and eye grabbing for their website and the material supplied to customers. There was straight forward product photography and as an addition the below was created, to help excite the customer.