Henley On Thames

So the past few nights I’ve attended various towns across the South for a client to capture certain aspects. However… whilst on my travels I popped to Henley On Thames. Quite some distance from Crawley West Sussex, and I’d never been before. Whilst going over the Thames in the car I saw a few oppertunities for some landscapes. I arrived fairly earlier for the shoot so what the hell. After setting the tripod on a floating jetty and having to make a few adjustments to the shutter speed to compensate for the movement I nabbed the images below. I personally quite like the effect, the sun set and the long shutter speed for just the right amount of movement on the river. Not normally one to go and seek landscapes or even really considered myself as a true landscape photographer, but it’s something that I could get to love and can easily see what the attraction is for others. If you fancy letting me know your thoughts it’d be apprciated, or would like to know anymore about landscape photography or any aspect of photography for that matter feel free to drop me a line. I’m contemplating running a few photography […]

Event Photography covered in Shoreham by sea

Easter weekend and the parties were going off. Most were out enjoying themselves over the 4 day hols, but a certain few still have work commitments 😉 So my shoot was a Tattoo studio and Barbers (Sidehow Tattoo Company & The Cutthroat Barber Company) celebrating at a local pub after opening a new shop front, (you can find their Facebook fan page links below). The crowd were amazing, there was live dj, band and Facebook celebrity by the name of ‘Brad’s Dad’! I even snuck in a quick selfie with the friendly chap. Here’s a couple of shots from the night, if you need an event photographer, doesn’t have to be local, we travel. Crawley, Sussex, West Sussex, East Sussex and all over the South East and even London then just drop us a line. Honestly, you’ll not find nicer people, Michael who owns Sideshow Tattoo Company and his team do the best tattoos I’ve ever witnessed! I only recently was introduced to Daniel who owns The Cuttroat Barber Company, but from what I’ve seen he’s pretty sharp with that blade! He’s also a decent fella. Sideshow Tattoo Company The Cutthroat Barber Company