Engagement shoot with Vickie & Mike

Was a beautiful day and whilst the sun shone we dashed out in the early evening to capture some special moments for the couple before the big day. It gave them the oppertunity to get comfortable with the camera in front of them, but half the time I was some distance away shooting through bushes and all sorts. Must have looked a bit dodgy ha ha. Being a Crawley Wedding Photographer it lends it self quite well to certain beauty spots, Tilgate Park is certainly one of them. Have a look at some of the featured images but there were many more. I’m looking forward to the big day guys x

One from today’s engagement shoot :)

Nigel & Stacy came to me for their engagement shoot today. Sun was out for a change. We had to cancel numerous times, bloody UK weather is so unpredictable. So the wedding is June so we are all hoping for similar weather, but a bit warmer ha ha. Not normally one for filters, but this works quite well. All the best to this awesome couple x