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I love staying local, especially in West Sussex, it’s a beautiful part of the south, wedding photography at Ghyll Manor is quite unique. It’s a really beautifully set location with an old manor house and extensive grounds leading down to a gorgeous lake with lilly pads. Recent years of ever increasing popularity lead to the construction of the newer part of this venue which not only gives a great party but also accomodates guests over night. Yesterday was the amazing wedding of Claire and Dean. I’ve known them both for many years and grew up in the same area, went to the same schools and occasionally ‘knocked about’ in similar cirlces of friends, which meant I knew a fair number of the guests which instantly helps when capturing the natural essence of the day. I tend to blend in as best I can with the guests to be as unobtrusive as possible, producing some unstaged moments that the couple can treasure. It was a warm close weather type of day, which can be uncomfortable sometimes in suits, I felt for the guys in the 3 peices but it didn’t distract from the day. Everyone was easy going and up for […]

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Advantages Of A Christmas Wedding Although spring and summer are the busiest wedding seasons, Christmas can also be the perfect time for a truly romantic and festive wedding. Yet many couples are put off by the idea of a Christmas wedding: they worry about finding a good venue in such a busy period, that friends and family may have other commitments, or that their special day will be overshadowed by Christmas festivities. The truth is that there are many advantages to a Christmas wedding that many couples haven’t considered. Here are just a few of them: The Perfect Theme Organising a wedding, should be fun, yet many brides find it stressful. From choosing the right colour scheme and co-ordinating decorations, flowers and bridesmaid dresses accordingly can be a real headache. Christmas gives you a perfect, ready-made theme. Festive colours such as red, green, gold, white and silver are ideal for a Christmas wedding. Decorations It won’t be difficult finding decorations for your venue. Think berries, snow-sprayed twigs, holly, pine cones and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for table centres. Christmas trees can be decorated to match your chosen colour scheme and it will be far easier to find festive flower […]

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hollands!

This was the long anticipated wedding of 2014! Barney’s known Paul since school (and would class him as one of his closest long standing friends), he’s quite a character and anyone will tell you the same. He has many talents, one of which is song writing. Corinne is a singer, they met one day in a recording studio and hit it off, the rest as they say ‘is history’. (He’s hit the jackpot with Corinne, she’s lovely). Paul’s day started a little bumpy, the cat got out of the house! So at 10am he could be seen running around calling “Monster” taping the pets food bowl. So funny, the best-men and ushers were all in hysterics. Corinne looked amazing, (as we all knew she would), she’s done a fair bit of modelling too so they were well rehearsed with all the poses)! “Bando” as Paul is better known, also loves having his picture taken, and I’ve used him myself in a few commercials for car adverts.  I think you’ll agree they both look amazing in the image below. We hope you and your gorgeous children had a lovely day and wish you all the very best for the future. x […]

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Here are a selection a few favourite images taken in Sussex & Surrey over the last few years by our little team. If you are getting married or know somebody who is, be sure to book Barney Warner Photography!