County Mall PR photographer Crawley

Today’s main event took place at Crawley’s County Mall, where there was a big unveiling of the newest changing facility for people with disabilities. I was employed to cover the event by a PR agent for the project. Which included a state of the art hoist for people with problems climbing onto changing beds, an electronic bed and an electronic basin which all rise and fall to suit the user. It’s so often taken for granted when using public amenities. I think we all tend to over look the facts that standard conveniences give less abled people less opportunities and ease of use. I never would have imagined how important it actually is that a changing bed would need to rise and fall, the basin too. But with a little imagination it’s easy to see why. People simply rush about thier normal lives not giving these daily musts a second thought. But for a disabled person these day to day duties are the most important part of the day. Knowing or not knowing is a reson for going out or staying in. As I arrived, many local celebs, Chris Oxslade, (used to run the local radio station, now a media […]