Please welcome the new Mr & Mrs Rawling!!!

Yesterday’s wedding was amazing! From start to finish… The venue, well just look at the photo of the place. VAST! Which can prove a challenge, where do I start?! Well it really wasn’t too much of a problem, although finding the bride was lol. Eventually we caught up. Jade-Ashlee was a slightly excited but nervous bride. And so she should be, there were 2 ceremonies! One was the official civil ceremony and the next was a full blown chapel blessing with their family vicar. All on the same grounds of course. The groom was calm and collected (well done Nick!). Looking smooth in the black tie suit. He had 3 best men and even more ushers. The day went quickly with group shots, romantics and plenty of people relaxing and natural photography. The food was amazing and so was the choreographed first dance. Not all weddings happen where celebrities choose to get married, like this one where Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan tied the knot. But when weddings do, it really helps make amazing memories. Have a look at some of the photos below. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Rawling!!