Engagement photo shoot in Surrey

Today’s engagement photo shoot took place in a wheat field in Surrey, specifically Leigh near Dorking. The couple I’m shooting in 8 weeks time and I’m really looking forward to doing the wedding photography at Southdown’s Manor as it’s a venue I’ve not yet experienced. From the images I’ve seen online I’m quite excited. Although I’ve photographed most venues in Surrey and Sussex for weddings, it’s occasions like these that are that extra bit special, it brings back loads of magic and really allows me to go the extra mile when working on the big day. Getting those new backdrops with a great couple in the foreground is always exciting to put up on the website, let’s hope for amazing weather and a great time! Ross was pacing up and down, I’m guessing he’s not loving the fact he has to be photographed, but once I got them in the viewfinder it all changed. Sarah and Ross have that natural connection and you could clearly see how comfortable they are in each others arms. That makes my job so much easier… Haveing not to worry too much about the compositions but give a little guidence allows me to be more […]