Fancy food photography in London

This year so far has been pretty amazing, I’ve had the privilege to travel round London shooting Fancy food photography and creating amazing content for foodies social accounts. I love food, but not always photographing it on an empty stomach! It’s been amazing working with so many food producing companies and restaurants, such as Tom’s Kitchen! It’s suprising how much variety there is in London regarding food, but being a multi cultural I don’t suppose it really hit me until I’d travelled around to see. Most of the images below are from coroprate events and it’s always great to get some amazing details of the food supplied to the guests. Such vivid colours and textures, ways to present the food and serve it.   Have a look below and try not to salivate, I struggled whilst photographing this amazing food in London.   Some inspiration too 😉   Here’s a link to see some of my folio work on the food I’ve shot in the past.   And a contact me link if you have any sessions you need capturing, I’m always around and love coming up to London for Food photography.  

Biscuit photography with Percys Bakery

Biscuit photography with Percys Bakery was always going to be amazing. I love photographing food, especiually when I get to nibble some of it 😉 A while back I was approached to produce a refresh of imagery for Percys with social media and web in mind. They have great photography already and this was to compliment it, if not make it a little more up to date. I was excited. Not only did I know I was getting a lot of sweet food arriving but this was Percys Bakery. They produce some of the most delectable foods, especially biscuits! These aren’t any old biscuit, honest go buy some and find out for yourself. Percys are in places like Harrods and Selfridges, but hey are breaking out into stores near you soon as they are now stocked by Sainburys too. The new imagery was with some old favourites, as well as some new product. The imagery was to be used alongside the new lines in the new stores. As well as social media. @percysbakery When the product arrived, it was rather overwhelming. So much arrived. My eyes were popping out. With something from every line they produce I knew I’d have […]