Food photography in London

This is a special one, something close to my heart…FOOD! So over the years of being a professional advertising photographer, my favourite area of photography has developed into photographing Food. Food photography in London is quite popular, not just in social media, (there’s a lot of people with phones these days snapping their meals in fancy restaurants), but every restaurant I know has some form of photography on their websites as a ‘shop front’ to advertise the delights of their premises. With a saturated market in the captial it’s imperitave now to enhance the look and make your culenary delights that little bit more appealing. To stand out from the crowd, to encourage punters through the door. Therefore it makes sense to hire a professional food photographer to come by and give your dishes an extra bit of sparkle! As a professional food photographer, my imagery had been noticed by one of the great chefs of our time. In fact he holds the record for being the youngest chef to attain 2 Michelin stars, (at the age of 26), we are of course talking about the great, Tom Aikens. After working in many Michelin starred restaurants, he now runs 3 […]

Chocolate photography Surrey

BIG NEWS!! Chocolate photography in Surrey happened this week. Oh what a joy it was too, surely there’s no end to the amount you can eat right?! Well let me tell you, NO there isn’t. I’ve a sweet tooth so I’ve been told and this was a dream. Matt’s team at CocoAleur in Newdigate Surrey requested my presence at their kitchen outlet. I arrived with all the kit I needed, and got straight down to business, chocolate tasting! WOW. The product actually tastes as good as it looks, Chocolate photography in Surrey is now one of my favourite parts of my job. These little dome capsules of joy burst in your mouth and have fresh ingredients, like cherries, Raspberries, fudge, Honeycomb, peanut, the list goes on and on. All made with Cocoa butter and no nasty’s like Palm Oil. So the taste is delicious, the ingredients are the best and the product look amazing, there’s nothing not to like. Which also made my job a lot easier. There were some difficulties along the way, the chocolate would melt if I had the modelling bulbs on, so they were off the entire shoot. The domes were highly reflective and so this […]

Travel photography Europe whilst commissioned away from home

Whilst on my travels in June I managed to go to some beautiful places in Europe. I love to documenting on my travels, to create memories of where I’ve been. I work so quickly it’s easy to miss the beautiful bits. Travel photography Europe. During my Cannes tour, I managed to get out and do some street photography. I won’t mention this was amounst sourcing restaurants in the evening, with my phone of all things!   Obviously I love to upwork my imagery afterwards in Photoshop, so these might not be the very original copies 😉   Both May and June I’ve travelled to Berlin, Germany to capture events for Facebook, but the last photographic commission was to document a telecommunications summit, regarding upcoming technology. Won’t go into details 😉 I was there for the day, flew out the night before to a dark east soide Berlin. On my own, roaming the streets trying to find my hotel. There’s a lot of building work going on in the east side of Berlin at the moment, so lots of scaffolding up, not being able to see the hotel signs.   I must have got to the hotel around 10pm, dumped my […]

London Food Photography

June also lent itself to me becoming a new resident photographer for a certain well-known London restaurant chain, which I can’t mention at present as the images you see below are for a Burger competition and aren’t allowed to be tagged. But I do have permission to show them! I love London Food Photography.   The lighting technique was a couple of backlights, another on the background, a mega brolly to create daylight effect and a beaut dish to fill.   Have a look at these beasts, they were massive!  

Cannes Lions Facebook Photographer 2018

With May gone and the trip to Berlin now in the distance, June was looking to be a busy month. Cannes Lions Festival is held in June and Facebook were planning on making their presence felt. Cannes Lions is a marketing and communications festival with all the big corporations attending. I was going to be Cannes Lions Facebook Photographer 2018! I was attending for 10 days photographing on behalf of Facebook. This was going to be epic. I was Facebook’s official photographer. What a priviledge!! There were 17 crew, with myself being the only stills photographer alongside 16 other video production members. We had a whopping villa booked to house us all for the week, a swimming pool with BBQ, indoor games room, piano and games consoles. Personally I was excited to be there but I didn’t realise really how busy I was going to be and have no time to really enjoy this wonderful venue.   The first 2 or 3 days were spent documenting the set build and getting a feel for the vast town. Security was so tight! With flash cars, and the biggest yachts you’ll ever see moored up next to the Palais. Facebook had their […]

A The Ravenswood Wedding with Mr & Mrs Clarke!

The Ravenswood Wedding venue is always special. More so these days as they have around a year ago been taken over and it seems things are going in the right direction. Charlie & Dominic I’ve known for a number of years now. I grew up with Charlie’s sister Rachel. So I knew the family well and even photographed Charlie’s other sister Emma’s wedding a couple of years ago. I arrived to see the bride calm and collected in the most amazing bridal room. Very modern, with spot lights and a huge mirror to see what’s going on. It was bright and airy, a photographers dream. So a good start. The weather was extremely warm at this point and was due to get warmer. So I swiftly got on with things. The dress was hung and prosecco was flowing. Everyone was pumped, me included. I was buzzing. It was a real party before anything had even started. With the hair and makeup artists finished I did a little bride and bridesmaid photography. Then made my way to catch the groom and the lads. Dominic wasn’t very nervous from what I could tell, but he was chirpy and had a beer in […]

Wedding Photography at Hampton Court

Wedding Photography at Hampton Court, what a result! With the sun shining I knew this was going to be a great event. Ever been to Hampton Court, it’s a very picturesque town, very similar to Richmond and Henley on Thames. Hampton Court has the river Thames running through it, and the hotel was smack bang on the river. We arrived at Emma’s parents place in Raynes Park, 5 minutes down the road from where it was all kicking off, she was very calm. The dress was hanging up and makeup was being applied. The girls were drinking fizz and everything was great. Starting with photography of the dress, flowers and other details. Sneeking a few images on the side whilst key moments happened. That’s what I’m all about, the documentary natural approach. Everyone loves this style of unobtrusive photography. The dress was next to go on, whilst Dad popped on his socks! A few snaps of the fam and we were off to see Ben at the church. Now, Ben is a very calm, chilled young man, but as we arrived it was clear to see Ben was slightly nervous. To the extent he didn’t see me at first. We […]