Social Media Photography

With social media now booming and being greater than ever, it’s really important your social media photography is on point.┬áLinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook being just a few of the platforms. That’s why at Barney Warner Photography, we take the very best care. We ensure that when capturing your portrait it really brings out the best in your character and personality. Which is penultimately what sells… You. Social networking is the one thing that we can all excel at. You don’t need a degree in socialising, just be yourself. This is why the industry is so popular. Therefore Barney Warner Photography offer a package now that helps express yourself and really makes the most of your social profile. With our professional photographic service we push you, to extract your best look, your best reflection, your best profile picture. But of course this doesn’t mean the look is unprofessional. The package ensures not only do we capture you in your working environment (where possible), but also as a business profile too. To capture both helps get the serious business ethic across to your viewer, it also ensures you are seen in your natural environment, where you are most comfortable. This is […]

Top 10 wedding tracks from 2017

Top 10 tracks 2017 After many weddings that I’ve captured this year, it’s no suprise what was the top 10 tracks for first dance and general wedding music. With research and searching the internet, you too can find what is the best of the best and some you might not have even thought of might pop up. There’s always going to be those age long classics, but if you’re looking for something different then see below. I’ve collated and gone through all my wedidngs from 2017 and I photographed at many lovely venues, not just in 2017 but since the start around 15 years ago. Of course I don’t photograph at every wedding I attend, I too like to let my hair down at these happy occasions, but more oftern than not I’m the guy behind the camera creating those life long happy memories for the bride and groom to keep forever. If you’re getting married this year (not long now guys the years nearly up). Or if you’re planning a wedding for 2018/19. Be sure to think of me. Let Barney Warner Photography help created the best day of your lives. Planning your day I’d like to help make […]

West Pier in Brighton Photography

As most photographers know there are a few key shots to be had in the south east of the UK. Everyone knows that West Pier in Brighton Photography is one of them. It’s iconic and if you get there at tyhe right time with your camera and tripod you can get some amazing shots using some known effects and techniques. I’ve always wanted to get down the coast to get this iconic shot but never could scrape myself out of bed early enough…until today. The weather yesterday was stormy and there was a slight calm in the air. However to get the smooth motion look across the sea we needed a bit of movement and a long shutter speed. I popped up the tripod, added a 8stop ND filter and a graduated colour filter over the top. Then came the technical adjustments in camera to get that smooth look and an HDR effect. I’m really happy with the outcome and all the effort was worth it. Next stop will be Tower Bridge in London or the Seven Sisters in Kent, we’ll see!   If you’d like a digital high resoultion copy of the shot to print yourself, please get in […]

Family Portrait Photography Crawley

Family Portrait Photography is something we all should have more of, you simply forget how quick the kids grow and before you know it they’ve left the nest. So you’ve looked around, the best photographers are so expensive, but do they always give the best results? Barney Warner Photography thrives to supply natural imagery that reflects you and your families charateristics. Whether in the studio, or out on locations it doesn’t matter. Sometimes things are a bit blank in the studio, but not just the background… Getting out and about really helps pull out those emotions and natural feel that’s great to capture and save forever. Here’s a family we recently had the pleasure to work with, they loved the images and it’s given them some fond memories, especially as the kids are shooting up now. (It’s the second time we’ve had them in the studio, we even saw the changes!). Get in touch to book your session and save those really important moments in your life.

Product photography in Crawley

Product photography is something we’ve done for decades, it’s one of our favourite things. Getting creative with lighting is really fun. Even back in the old student days getting in the studio with a camera full of film was so exciting and still today there’s a feeling you get shooting something that can appear bland at first and getting a real buzz from a great finished outcome that you’ve created. An exciting look that really impresses the client has got to be good right?! So the latest commision was for a local Crawley firm called Afriso Eurogauge. The products they produce are pretty cool, a specialist UK manufacturer producing level measurement and detection equipment for liquids, powders and granular materials contained in process vessels, storage tanks, silos and hoppers. With 6 new devices it was Barney Warner Photography they gave the comission to. To create something attractive and eye grabbing for their website and the material supplied to customers. There was straight forward product photography and as an addition the below was created, to help excite the customer.

New photographic equipment (Like Xmas came early!)

Days like these! Ordering new photographic equipment and waiting for the delivery is the best part, so geeky! Things that help save time is always a great thing, especially when we can save clients money too, Bowens are quite innovative in this instance. Studio lighting can be cumbersome, with cables running everywhere… it’s a bit of a nightmare. Photographers seem to using on camera speedlites more and more these days off camera, they give great versatility (we too employ this method) but you do compromise on quality, there’s no getting round that. Speedlites are so harsh, without slapping on a massive softbox and killing all the power whilst doing so, it’s impossible to get a flattering look sometimes. They are great for a hard edgy feel but that’s not what some clients are after and it’s good to be able to cater for all needs. You can get to new places with them and not have to worry about trailing cables. BUT…. now there’s lot’s of studio style lighting on offer and use with batteries to get that great studio look out in the field. The only downfall to this is the cost. They are big money! With the unfortunate […]

Press and PR event London Miller Harris Perfumer

Everyone loves to smell good, I think it’s one of the first things people judge you on, however…after being invited to attend and photograph a launch of this new perfume by Miller Harris London things were about to change. Miller Harris were launching 2 new fragrances and wow they were good. With the London Oxford Circus streets above bustling with people going about thier daily business, I entered this cool downstairs cellar, with a massive whallop of flowery sents that hit me like a train! I’ll never forget it. The 2 scents are based upon flower notes and to illustrate the fact that this was a sensory experience. Sarah Rotherham (CEO) had arranged this sensory experience, there were walk through flowing white curtains sprayed with the new perfumes, which ran a slideshow projected through them (something I’d never seen before), another slideshow and lighting arrangement with soothing soundtracks. Then the most amazing live inside garden you’ll ever see, that you walk through to get to this amazing space. Food and drink complimented the 2 fragrances, all vegan dishes with the most amazing fresh canapes I’d ever tried (being made in front of you). 2 cocktails based on flowers with live […]