Surrey Wedding at Westmead Events

I love the fact that local weddings are always that extra magical, this was a Surrey wedding at Westmead Events, I’d never photographed this venue before, it’s right on my doorstep but still never had the opportunity to visit. Today was a special day, an old school friend was tying the knot, and I had the privilege to be the offical photographer. However, nothing is always ‘plain sailing’… the weather, I’ll touch on this later but we certainly had a bumpy ride today! We started at Sian’s parents where all was calm with the bridal preps. The dress was hung and make up was being applied. The sun was shinning so I bagged some shots in the garden of the dress, the flowers and wedding jewellery. After a few family shots the car arrived and I dashed off to see the groom, Peter, at St Bart’s in Horley. A grand old church and possibly the most well known in town. Peter was nervous, that’s quite normal. I think any groom that isn’t, should be 🙂 Rob the best man did his best to keep things together whilst Lee flew around handing out orders of service. The guests sat down and […]

West Sussex wedding photography at Ghyll Manor

I love staying local, especially in West Sussex, it’s a beautiful part of the south, wedding photography at Ghyll Manor is quite unique. It’s a really beautifully set location with an old manor house and extensive grounds leading down to a gorgeous lake with lilly pads. Recent years of ever increasing popularity lead to the construction of the newer part of this venue which not only gives a great party but also accomodates guests over night. Yesterday was the amazing wedding of Claire and Dean. I’ve known them both for many years and grew up in the same area, went to the same schools and occasionally ‘knocked about’ in similar cirlces of friends, which meant I knew a fair number of the guests which instantly helps when capturing the natural essence of the day. I tend to blend in as best I can with the guests to be as unobtrusive as possible, producing some unstaged moments that the couple can treasure. It was a warm close weather type of day, which can be uncomfortable sometimes in suits, I felt for the guys in the 3 peices but it didn’t distract from the day. Everyone was easy going and up for […]

Press and PR event in Reigate

Vision Express held a Press and PR event in Reigate for their store re launch. The day had a special guest, Kate, who is a survivour of Retinoblastoma, (eye cancer). Kate cut the ribbon for the offical opening alongside her mother Jaisamma, the store manager and various other members of staff. It was a bright and very hot day so we kept the shooting outside short and sweet. We were all releived to go into the airconditioned store afterwards and relax a little. When doing these sort of photographic assignments, I sometimes have to put myself in the ‘line of fire’. This was one of those occasions, I simply had to get in the road for that low down wide angle shot to encompass the store front and the people in the shot. I don’t mind doing these sort of things, but I know other photographers that wouldn’t! Reigate is a lovely little town with plenty of boutique shops and individual restuarants. It’s quite an affluent town and has plenty of character. It’s steeped in history, with the old fort on the hill ruins still standing. It also has some secret caves that are open to the public from time […]

Engagement photo shoot in Surrey

Today’s engagement photo shoot took place in a wheat field in Surrey, specifically Leigh near Dorking. The couple I’m shooting in 8 weeks time and I’m really looking forward to doing the wedding photography at Southdown’s Manor as it’s a venue I’ve not yet experienced. From the images I’ve seen online I’m quite excited. Although I’ve photographed most venues in Surrey and Sussex for weddings, it’s occasions like these that are that extra bit special, it brings back loads of magic and really allows me to go the extra mile when working on the big day. Getting those new backdrops with a great couple in the foreground is always exciting to put up on the website, let’s hope for amazing weather and a great time! Ross was pacing up and down, I’m guessing he’s not loving the fact he has to be photographed, but once I got them in the viewfinder it all changed. Sarah and Ross have that natural connection and you could clearly see how comfortable they are in each others arms. That makes my job so much easier… Haveing not to worry too much about the compositions but give a little guidence allows me to be more […]

County Mall PR photographer Crawley

Today’s main event took place at Crawley’s County Mall, where there was a big unveiling of the newest changing facility for people with disabilities. I was employed to cover the event by a PR agent for the project. Which included a state of the art hoist for people with problems climbing onto changing beds, an electronic bed and an electronic basin which all rise and fall to suit the user. It’s so often taken for granted when using public amenities. I think we all tend to over look the facts that standard conveniences give less abled people less opportunities and ease of use. I never would have imagined how important it actually is that a changing bed would need to rise and fall, the basin too. But with a little imagination it’s easy to see why. People simply rush about thier normal lives not giving these daily musts a second thought. But for a disabled person these day to day duties are the most important part of the day. Knowing or not knowing is a reson for going out or staying in. As I arrived, many local celebs, Chris Oxslade, (used to run the local radio station, now a media […]

Wedding photography in Sevenoaks at Darenth Valley Golf Club

Today’s wedding photography in Sevenoaks, was held at a venue which I’d never been to before, Darenth Valley Golf Club. What I was familar with was the family… I went to school with the bride and the best man, which was fab as I hadn’t seen either of them in years. Was great catching up especially as they were brother and sister. Ann was so calm. She was excited I could tell but the nerves were nowhere to be seen. Even when she knew her groom ‘Matt’ hadn’t even left the bestman’s house an hour away with little time to spare! Weather was a little touch and go but when it mattered the sun was out with his hat on. Wedding photography in Sevenoaks at Darenth Valley Golf Club is an intimate venue with an amazing ceremony room up in the rafters. Today’s wedding was the first in the newley purpose built room. It was immaculate, obviously with white chair covers and blue sash. The bridesmaid and flower girl were the bestman’s wife and daughter, Jade the flower girl was such a hoot, she’s going far in life you can tell. Bursting with character. Ceremony went without a glitch with […]

Horsham Wedding photography & Hartsfield Manor

It was an overcast morning but dry… this was Horsham Wedding photography after all, we’re not in the Med, but specifically St John’s Church in Horsham. Lovely church built in 1928 apparently. Hadn’t ever been in there before. Anyway, the groom was soo nervous! It’s expected at such a massive occasion. (I was too on my wedding day). The bride arrived with her dad and they got stuck in. The vowels went without a hitch and before they knew it the rings were on and off they skipped back down the isle. With a few group shots outside with the car waiting, (which had a bubble machine built into the rear of the car) AMAZING!! Next stop was Hartsfield Manor in Betchworth. Been there plenty of times photographing weddings, so I knew the drill. It was however starting to rain. Wedding photographers worst nightmare!! But I had with me my new trusty 5Dm4 which is weather proof, the bride and groom were amazingly relaxed about the rain and for that we managed to grab some beautiful moments between them. Not even the rain could stop these two!! Take a look!   Although a Crawley based photographer, I don’t mind being refered […]